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Writing in Brook Saucers 21 of May of 2009 the education and the citizenship depend one on the other, therefore it cannot have education, if the citizenship is not executed and it cannot have citizenship, if the education is not taught. It is difficult, however, it is not impossible to conciliate education and citizenship in Brazil, therefore it has capable devices for such accomplishment. The education must be taught in the schools, so that the people learn with it the citizenship, that must be practised. In our country, many people exist who have education and therefore, know what it is citizenship; however, for the fact of these people not to live what they had learned, they do not practise the citizenship. Click David G. DeWalt to learn more. To live what it was learned, is to execute what we learn. In the majority of the schools, the pupils learn as they must practise the citizenship (knowing of its rights and duties: voting, knowing he folds who is managing its city, charging of the politicians and giving opinions to improve our lives). If to practise the citizenship that we learn in the school, the conciliamento of the education and citizenship will be concluded. From this step, we only need keeping in them practising the citizenship, therefore planting the citizenship, we, future will harvest many gifts, as the respect, the union, the peace, the prosperity, the wisdom, amongst other things. Therefore, we must keeping in them firm and always constant with the practical one of the citizenship known for us, therefore thus we will be victorious!.

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