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In the summer of 2010, the Haus der Technik again organises seminars on the North Sea coast. After the successful attempts in the last few years the range was further expanded. Visit film director for more clarity on the issue. “Training there, where you feel right”, that was the thought that created the HDT summer seminars in Cuxhaven. In the middle of the summer, the Haus der Technik offers a series of seminars in a casual setting. The event makes the start grading and marking of substances and preparations”on 30 June to 2 July 2010.

The focus of this seminar is the proper application of the relevant EC guidelines for classification and labelling (67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EC), as well as TRGS 200. The independent assessment, grading and identifying dangerous substances and preparations should be learned. A short presentation of the new GHS criteria and the linkage of GHS and REACH round off this subject block. On July 5 the two-day intensive seminar Guide 5 steps to successful leadership personality then begins”. With a self provided the Chief can answer question, as it is appointed to his leadership ability. It says: “what have you done today for your employees and what is their motivation to work”. Because whether staff Misserfolgsvermeider or rather success seeker, is almost invariably depends, as they lead in the day-to-day experience. Contemporary leadership is an essential component of the requirement profile for executives.

Therefore central leadership basics in this intensive seminar be trained practical in 5 levels. Also health and safety topics such as training to the foreign company co-ordinator and the representative for the risk assessment are offered. Dates for this are the 24th or 25th August 2010. Seminars will be held in the hotel Strandperle or hotel Seelust in Cuxhaven-Duhnen. Information for more information, see interested at the House of technology e.V.

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