Dyslexia Problems

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Not always detect dyslexia in children is easy, since this disorder can manifest itself in many different ways. Below, you will find most important signals should pay attention that if you suspect that your son or daughter may have dyslexia and so consult a professional who can provide you with strategies to deal with it. Notes If you present discrepancies in its form of expression a characteristic of most of the dyslexics, children or adults, is his way of expressing it is much more fluent in verbal manner as written. So, we should see if our son or daughter is able to significantly improve your competence in writing if we ask that you tell us the same orally. Ask thy Son which teach you a drafting of the cole that is proud, for example which they made over the holidays, and then invite you to that you should have orally. In this way, you can see the differences between both executions. It checks if it has difficulty understanding another symptom characteristic of dyslexia is that there are problems of reading comprehension. This can cause the child reading to flee or take too long to read.

To check if it presents problems of understanding, question your child what their favorite character and search over internet for a game, a story, or an article about this. Then ask him to read it and discuss what they have read. Normally, a person with dyslexia will ask you to reread the text several times to make sure that you have understood it. It is observed whether he commits many spelling mistakes if something has in common the writing of dyslexia, which has many spelling errors, omissions of letters (for example the end of the word), investments of letters (for example, casrot by castor), substitutions of letters by others (such as c for s) and the union or incorrect separation of syllables or words.

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