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Fiction, especially fairy tales, is for children preschool special form of reality – the reality of human emotions and feelings in a special, fabulous, conditions. Games related to fairy tales; appear in children under the influence of an adult and own works, which are accessible and clearly describe characters, their relationships and activities. Playing in a fairy tale enables the child psychologically closer to hero of the tale, through its ups and downs, happiness and misfortune. This alone expands the life experience of a preschooler, and enriches it. In the plot-RPG based on subjects various fairy tales, children can adjust various aspects storyline, ie, all good things that guys have experienced while listening to stories, see puppet shows, they can implement in the game, to show their activity, dedication, compassion. As a rule, children creatively alter events restore justice are uncompromising options in difficult situations. In observing the games such teacher should be assessed as follows: – How is the game, what events does it include? – How are the roles? – What role does the child willingly undertakes, from which, by contrast, refuses or is reluctant to take? – What falls out of the plot story? – What is the plot of fairy tales is introduced? – What is being played out in tale in detail, but that is only slightly scheduled to run as if in passing? – How do you play every role – what actions make the actors, what qualities of heroes reflect the children in their play behavior? – Get Does the game reflect the experience of heroes? Game-dramatization.

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