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The political rule is not a man or woman product of a refined culture, in the Ruiz Massieu case Yes it is, and therefore was one of the big exceptions within Mexican politics and in particular that of the State of Guerrero. Richard Linklater addresses the importance of the matter here. I remember that when he was Governor of the State, it prompted the establishment of postgraduate studies in law at the then school of law of the University autonomous of Guerrero. The original project was prepared by Dr. Beatriz Parra, Dr. Gilberto Garza and others, was supported from the bureaucratic structure University Rector Marcial Rodriguez and presented to Ruiz Massieu, who joyfully saw that in the University had moods of progress and talent in their teachers. Neither slow nor lazy pledged support the project from its scope of action specifying with the now defunct CAPFCE construction of the building and built once gave him a modern computer equipment and library. Several times already created graduate pupils and teachers were invited to breakfast at home Government, the talks always hovered in academic and political issues especially in the legislative future of our State.

When graduated the first generation of the degree in law, he was the godfather of generation and commented that the Faculty of law was the first that I visited as Governor and is the last one I visit before delivering in power. All this denotes that his Lair to the legal culture and the University institutions was one of his great personal motivations. As Governor showed him fully to rework all the legal framework of the State and create institutions re-examine novel such as the Commission on human rights and the Court of the contentious administrative, among others.

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