Infantile Education

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We can find a last plan interior: the motivation of the thought, the motivacional sphere of our conscience, that encloses our inclinations and necessities, our interests and impulses, our affection and emotions. Everything this goes to reflect immensely in ours speaks and our thought. (Vygotsky 1998) Outros interesting aspects of the theory we are displayed the pleasant and ackward reactions in relation to the environment, therefore we do not need lamenting in them or to compromise our auto-they esteem for an eventual lack of adequacy, because it is of the nature of human being to oscillate between antagonistic emotions. We must not only understand environment in terms physical, but mainly psychological, when the affinity starts to be a significant element of attraction or repulsion between groups that interact between itself, as Vygotsky explains: ' ' All emotion is a call to the action or the rejection of the action. No feeling can remain indifferent and unfruitful in the behavior. ' ' The emotions are, necessarily, the internal organizador of our reactions, that places in tension, excites, stimulates or brakes all the reactions.

Therefore, the emotion conserves the paper of internal organizador of our behavior. ' ' When we make something with joy, the emotional reactions of joy mean that, from that moment, we will try to make the same. When we make something with repulsion, this means that we will tend, by all means possible, to interrupt this tarefa' '. (VYGOTSKY, 2003, P. 117? 119) Therefore it is paper of Education, especially the Infantile Education, to propitiate an environment where the child can develop itself and to learn in pleasant way and that is stimulated all the aspects of its development (motor, physical, social, affective, moral and cognitivo) and some studies proves that this if of mainly by means of the playful one. this also must be given in the education of Dana therefore in the life of the child, currently, the dance only left of being an artistic formation, and, started to be part of its development as human being I obtain same, with the other and its half one.

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