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Why is it more difficult to sell something generic and mass? Because you play not wound anyone. Remember the following, on the internet you have the great task of overcoming the following fears that people have: How do trust this unknown person who sold me a course? How does trust put the data of my credit card on this page? How is that when you pay will I get what I hope? How is that this is not a scam? Why spend money when there are many free things? Why spend in education when I really prefer to buy me a pants? You look? There are many barriers that you must cross in order to sell an Infoproducto on the internet. Then, you need to do is (and what I’m going to say is crucial to the success of an internet business) understand that you have to find a niche or a micro-niche. At the same time, internet is a business of wounds. Yes, the greater your potential client wound, most likely You will have to generate a sale.

For example: who do you think it would buy over a product called how to conquer the woman of your dreams in just 7 days?? Answer 1: A married man answer 2: A man with girlfriend response 3: an unmarried man and you don’t want to have anything serious with anyone answer 4: A man unmarried but in love with someone who ignores him correct answer… Let’s look at the options. Married man: say that it does not have much to look elsewhere right? or at least, that is how they should be things man with girlfriend: if he is in love with his girl and she on him nor call you attention the course. Single man and without wanting nothing serious: for what would a type so a course to conquer a woman if you don’t want to have serious relationships with anyone? Man unmarried but in love with someone who, as I would say my family from Argentina, does not give nor ball: do not think that this would be the perfect candidate to buy your course? By its Since Yes, this man will be crazy to know how to seduce the girl of his dreams and probably willing to pay whatever to do so.

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