Logical Games

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Therefore, a primordial factor for adequate use of the playful one in the Infantile Education is the performance of the educator, being this professional the responsible one for stimulating the learning and developing the activities of pleasant and dynamic form, thus stimulating the child not to be only one receiver of knowledge, but a generator of its proper concepts, developing being critical and exercising its personal autonomy with responsibility to interact in the way where it lives. Therefore this Psicopedaggico advising comes to sugestionar the implantation of games, tricks always working the playful one. The games can exert cognitivas, affective and social functions (they follow the development of the humanity). Each game contains and exercises all aspects (cognitivos, affective and social) e, in accordance with the predominance, can be classified as: Logical games: they develop the reasoning. Affective games: they stimulate the emotions. Social games: it facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, attitudes and proper dexterities of one determined half. The development of the child happens through the playful one. It it needs to play to grow.

According to Piaget (1990), the way of the child, a child who dominates the world that the fence is the child who if strengthens to act in this world. For in such a way, it uses substitute objects which confer different meanings of that if normally they possess. The symbolic toy and the thought are separate of objects and the action appears of the ideas then of the things (VIGOTSKY, 1991, p28.) ' '. Today the image of infancy is enriched also, as aid of psychological and pedagogical conceptions, that recognize the paper of the toy and tricks in the development and the construction of the infantile knowledge ' ' (KISHIMOTO; 1999, p.21) the direction of the life of a child is the trick. When playing it reproduces concrete situations placing itself in the paper of the adults, this reflects in the imitation attitude, therefore she tries to understand its behavior.

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