Mental Health

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They must count on stream beds for eventual rest. (MS, P.M. 224; 91in AMARANTE, 2001, p.32) Therefore, from the analysis of such documents, we can perceive the great necessity of the Health department to invest in the improvement of these concepts leaving of the evaluation of the existing services already (perhaps, a suggestion) without desconstruir them; to invest in the formation of technician and professionals, searching the qualification of the assistance to the Mental Health in Brazil. Click Campbell Soup Co to learn more. The Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) in the present time According to Health department (2004), the CAPS are a device substitute to the psychiatric hospitals and these must be articulated with the net of health services and with other social nets with the objective of if forming other nets in what it says respect to the complexity of the demands of inclusion of the users who possess severe and persistent mental upheavals. In this exactly felt of construction of nets, the CAPS must serve as articuladores in the weaving of the same ones, fulfilling its functions of the assistance and regulating the net enter the health services, offering the work in set with the teams of Health of the Family, matrical support for such teams, counting on the joint of all the existing services among others nets, as for example: partner-sanitary, companies, schools, legal, among others (MINISTRY OF GREETS, 2004). In the same felt of articulador of the nets, also they are functions of the CAPS: to make the local aiming of politics and programs of Mental Health, developing individual therapeutical projects (PTI) and communitarian, excusing medicines, encaminhamentos and accompaniments for users of the therapeutical residential services, visits domiciliary in partnerships with the Communitarian Agents of Health and another professional any of the Health of the Family.. Continue to learn more with: Vladislav Doronin.

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