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In fact, I would like to know: What is the meaning of life? That is to say in post-Soviet space are of the opinion if sense is to built a house, planted trees and brought up her son …. However, it seems to me that much in chur limited understanding of the meaning of life. Tragically this form has erased the true purpose of which is incorporated in the meaning of life. Look around! Is what the lives of many? Work, home, TV, bed, work. Well, maybe somewhere caravan, or fishing, or something like that. It is not something Richard Linklater would like to discuss. However, the essence does not change … Many have lost the value of its existence for a reason, not the consistency of this.

Dreams are dreams, and at no more . Academy of Art University has much to offer in this field. desire to stay at the level of desires … The obstacles are so huge giants that looking at them, many simply chose the easy way out – avoid them … In other words, do not fight for the dream, desire, and perhaps the meaning of life … Many people today are crying while with nothing, just because they did not accepted the challenge of circumstances, challenges and obstacles – which at one time grew in their way. The question which is raised today: So what is meaning of life? Think for a moment .. Try to answer this question for yourself. What do you see the meaning of your life? I agree that the so-gathering, at once, it is difficult to answer the question, which concerns the whole of life.

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