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The child shows curiosity for the environment where she lives. Thus, when studying the environment, it will be if involving in real situations to which it is made familiar. Pedagogical practical ours it must oportunizar, it stops beyond the exercise of the verbalizao of ideas, to argue the causes of the phenomena, to understand the mechanisms of the processes that are studying, to analyze where and as that knowledge presented in classroom it is present in its life and, whenever possible, to relate the implications of these. The importance of the practical activities is recognized, either in proper laboratory or classroom, as a space that involves the active participation of the pupils, allowing that educating understands party to suit scientific, that is, as it has left of science produces its knowledge, with its certezas and uncertainties. Although if it knows of the importance given to the pertaining to school laboratories, she is necessary to recognize the absence of them in the schools, what one consists in impediment for the improvement of the education of Sciences. However, in the education of Sciences in the Initial Series, the classroom and the environment if constitute in spaces that can be busy for these activities.

The employed place of the activity and materials are factors of little relevance, but the approach and the form of presentation of the practical activities can contribute for the uneven development of significant learning. The experiences with materials you recycle can show in the practical one, basic slight knowledge of sciences and the professor must together with be a perpetual apprentice the pupils.

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