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It is that, according to a study, the University of Salamanca will lose a quarter of their students in nine years. The milk! In addition, according to the same study, its faculty is the oldest in Spain, with one of every six teachers beyond the age of 60. Green and with handles. To any other company or activity that showed these indications we vaticinariamos a bleak if not non-existent future. Something must be done, therefore, so that our University is not to dress Saints or, rather, in this secular and godless society, give only the guys from home a few titles that lead to unemployment, but that Yes, backed by a useless college degree. Since education alongside health constitutes the main company of Salamanca, something must be done to compete with the other 68 Spanish universities. General add of our University to the economic crisis, then we are.

I don’t know, unfortunately, what could be the remedy to the dark future of our teaching. What else would like one, possessor of more uncertainties that certainties. But yes it is worthwhile to put the accent on some symptoms. The first, the aging of the faculty. To me, what they want to say, not me too disturbs the age of teachers, but his level of competence, which sometimes improves with age; but an incompetent person of 60 years is worse than another 25, since the latter at least still has the possibility to learn something. And the bad congenital Spanish University and Salamanca does not constitute an exception is the inbreeding of faculty and the fact that many teachers pass directly from students to become teachers without previously dipped in the real world. That something will have to do with, surely, that the Spanish University does not have any academic center among the top 100 in the world, and that the project of excellence of the USAL not stay among the 11 accepted by the administration.

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