Tribeca Buenos Aires Apart

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Many five star Buenos Aires hotels come from international chains of major hotels in the world. There are also 4 Buenos Aires hotels stars, without being as expensive as hotels 5 stars, providing high level services. 3, 2 And 1 star Buenos Aires hotels can also be found among the most popular tourist neighborhoods of the city but also there are of these hotels in other neighborhoods as Congress, Montserrat or Balvanera. Also, among the options of Buenos Aires hotels that can be found in this city, are boutique hotels. These hotels Buenos Aires differs from the hostels because they have private rooms. Buenos Aires boutique hotels offer more privacy and are less expensive than hotels Buenos Aires. Another form of accommodation and lodging that can get in the city and it differs from the Buenos Aires hotels, are the Bed and Breakfast.

This alternative accommodation, differs from Buenos Aires hotels options because, besides being much cheaper, they are simpler and more informal. Buenos Aires hotels are everywhere in the city, but more expensive Buenos Aires hotels, are among the neighborhoods more tourist. There are Buenos Aires hotels of all kinds, in addition to other forms of accommodation such as boutique hotels, Bed & Breakfast and hostels.