Progress Of Green IT (2)

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The Green IT has always had two branches: green in IT and Green through IT. The Green IT has always had two branches: ‘Green in IT’ and ‘Green through IT’. The focus is usually on the optimization of data centers and server farms. The sustainability effects that using optimized around the computing systems around digital technology will create contrast, sometimes out of sight. So for example the University of Cantabria fashionable spa town North-Spain’s Santander with the help of 20,000 sensors in one has ‘ Smart City’ turns. Richard Linklater helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Traffic, pollution, parking space or noise – these networked logon points capture all the data and merge them in the data center to a virtual image of the city. In real time.

With quite economic effect: These included ‘ Smart City’ at night, for example, where more people are traveling. Everything is deserted, then dims them automatically for example street lighting down, what saves you money the municipality. But the plans for a ‘congestion’, which regularly again for some News hole rise, mostly launched by interested traffic authorities, are not conceivable without ‘Green through IT’. Such a toll is doing far more than just a ‘rip off’: in London, the inner-city traffic by 20 percent went back, decreased the number of traffic jams to a third, pollution for the population dropped, and – last not least then even the municipal budget be relieved. At a time when German cities and towns no longer know by what means they fill potholes and frost damage to eliminate, this too is an effective argument. To do this – and for many other purposes – more green it should be but used, at the city limits with toll collection systems, and in the vehicles with identifying transmitters, what would make possible an attribution.

Earth BWP

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The efficient heat pump of the Nuremberg family savings compared with a modern gas or oil burning value heating already now more than half of CO2 emissions. According to a forecast from the Technical University of Munich from 2009, this balance will be even better: in the future roughly two-thirds of the CO2 emissions of a modern gas burning value device should have avoided. Family Danneberg is satisfied with their decision for a heat pump in any case. A heating solution that makes their owners right now climate advocates and in the future even more effectively can be used, is very impressive, said Mrs Danneberg. For more information see: zeichen.setzen.waerme.pumpen printable images available under press/pressedownloads / download available. “” Character set heat pump! “the campaign 2011 sign put heat pump!” is the motto of the new campaign of the German heat pump Association (BWP). Consumers will find on Information about the heat pump and a calendar with information events to the heat pump heating system in whole Germany.

If you already have a heat pump, can affect the site as Warmepumper of the year”apply and win three years heat pump power. The heat pump, the heat pump is low maintenance, climate-friendly and future-proof. According to a study by the Technical University of Munich she saves climate-damaging CO2 emissions from a COP (JAZ) of 2.0 compared to conventional heating systems. From a JAZ 4.0 reduces the CO2 emissions relatively by 50 percent. Expertly built Earth heat pumps have an average SCOP of 3.8.

The energy consumption is significantly reduced, because the heat pump uses the free ambient heat from Earth, water and air, and only about 25 percent requires power in the form of electricity. Federal Association of heat pumps (BWP) e.V. The Federal Association for heat pumps (BWP) e.V. is an industry association based in Berlin, which covers the entire value chain: In the BWP are round 650 artisans, planners and architects as well as drilling contractors, heating industry and utilities organized, committed to the increased use of more efficient heat pumps. Our members employ around 5,000 employees in the area of heat pumps and achieve sales of 1.5 billion euros.

The Ostfalia University

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You are electronically controlled, have an optimized engine and consume much less power. Who wants to save energy and money, should exchange therefore his old heating pump against a highly efficient. Now, homeowners can save their new model on my Together with the pump manufacturer WILO, Grundfos and KSB giving away my heating may be more”15 high-efficiency pumps with a total value of around 4,500 euros. All owners of single – and two-family dwellings, which pump not included in the boiler is installed can participate. A new EU directive sets new energy efficiency classes for the power consumption of the pump higher demands on the energy efficiency of heating pumps since the beginning of this year. Most important new feature: when the old pump is broken, a high-efficiency pump needs to be replaced this mandatory through now.

Installation by a specialist craftsman including costs about 350 to 400 euros. “” For the power consumption of the pump is no longer the energy label A “-G”, but the energy efficiency index (EEI) considered key size. This value must be on the packaging, the name plate and in the technical Description must be noted. The EEI shall not exceed 0.27. Especially economical high-efficiency pumps indicated an EEI consumers less than or equal to 0.20. Further information about Central heating pump find interested consumers to. “Co2online and my heating more my heating can more” is a campaign of the non-profit consultancy co2online. The nationwide campaign is funded by the Federal Ministry of environment in the framework of the national climate protection initiative and supported by the Consumer Council energy advice.

The Ostfalia University of applied sciences is a scientific partner. Together with a cross-industry network with partners from associations, business and trade media are consumers of personal efficiency potential hydraulic leveling itself in terms of informed and motivated to become active. Note for the editorial staff an electricity price of 26 ct/kWh basis is all calculation examples. The pumping time per year amounts to 6,000 hours of operation during the heating season by October to April.