Esther Floor

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Other rooms left stunned and screaming by the remise of the second blast, which came from the back side of campus, where all the tumult of pupils and teachers leaving. At the end of campus was the football and handball, which was separated by a mesh fence that bordered the houses, most construction and other very old Reformed and warm colors. But the oldest house, was that it was burning out of all proportion, even the neighbors had left and called the fire department, feared for the spread of fire and even more when the third explosion occurred that blew up the foundations of the first floor because the house had three and the remise followed its contour. Apparently the house was full, as the screams and howls of pain is not left to wait, so full of fear and drowned and the other observant Esther, who stunned could only watch and listen to the hell that had risen inside and , more so when the upper windows had begun to skip several bodies wrapped in flames. The scene was commemorated and horrible, some students chanted as others wept and some fainted fell after minutes had three patrols of firefighters who had to give up when the second floor burst bursting some glass windows of neighboring houses. It took half an hour to appease the flames when the firefighters entered hopeless, because there was no chance that someone would live in it, something we all regret and surprise, came out with a girl in the arms of just fifteen years old, which caused a strange and fleeting happiness.