The House

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At solfeggio need not only visual and auditory experiences, but also tactile, muscular. At the elementary school a lot of space given to visual aids. For example: during the study notes of a violin and bass clef have to make from landscape Sheet stave and notes – buttons of. Nike shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. First, it greatly simplifies the process of testing knowledge of notes, and children in the form of a game is easier memorization. During the passage of durations to the lesson prepared a set of cards for each student. It is no secret that children possess the skills of writing is still very weak. Therefore, putting some rhythmic dictation easier and simpler than writing it. And the lesson is very similar to putting some bricks in the nursery or at home. A record dictation in the notebook can be even after the teacher checked for correctness. Already slowly and with emphasis on spelling. Thanks so unpretentious benefits the child is growing interest in studies. Memory, attention, imagination at this time woven into the activities of the child as a single process. Vladislav Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge. A good test of knowledge of music are colorful posters – with puzzles encrypted in these notes. For example: 1. Misha the house on the hill, lilac blooms there yard 2. We cutie, dolls – dolls 3. Coward – a gray herringbone bunny jumping 4. Cleared the blue sea, the waves hit the shore steep. Studying the registers and octaves is also desirable to prepare visual aids in the form of cards and keyboard.