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Knowledge – a sure way to achieve higher goals. Whenever film director listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That is why it is important to do at the school, which combines the classic tradition of education and modern approaches to training. In Russian State Social University – the only social institution of our country – children not only receive high-quality knowledge, but also to become members of a large and friendly student's family. At the level of international standards in RSSU and its affiliates have students from all regions of Russia, with the majority of young people receive their education through the federal budget. Teachers tend to give the children not only the most modern knowledge, but also help them gain confidence in themselves.

– I decided to enter the Russian State Social University, after visited the Open Day – says Marina Velenitsyna, Student 3 of faculty of social work, teaching and Juvenology. – Attracted all: the modern educational programs, optimism, openness and friendliness of the staff and students and, of course, the beauty of the territory of the university. Diploma RSCU allows you to work in 37 countries around the world, and I'm sure that after graduation I will demand an expert not only in Russia but also abroad. The university implemented a system of quality management education, meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000. RSCU is the first Russian higher educational institutions certified by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) at the "Recognised for Excellence in Europe" (4 and 5 stars). In 2007, the University of was awarded the Asian Network for Quality (ANQ), and in 2008 – diploma of Rosobrnadzor "Quality Systems training of graduates." The university is a member of the European University Association (EUA). Rector RSCU, Academician Vasily Zhukov and faculty of the university create all conditions for the development of students' abilities. The university atmosphere of creativity and desire to improve themselves.

Russian State Social University

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There is a category of students that seeks to move forward and continually sets itself new goals. Be the first to – their position in life. Alexander Golts, a 5th year student RSSU – outstanding representative of the intellectual elite our university. His project "Development of fundamental motor skills in early postnatal ontogenesis of children with impaired health gidroreabilitatsii method", presented at the exhibition "NTTM – 2009" was marked by Grant President of Russia. Innovation for the benefit of people – I've always been interested in medical rehabilitation, so he decided to study at the faculty of psychology, social medicine and rehabilitation technologies and become an expert in the field adaptive physical education, – said Alexander Golts. – I can confidently say that he had made the right choice.

From the university depends on many things: the relation to their future profession, to study and even to himself. In Russian State Social University students to help realize their talents, become professionals, and afterwards take a decent position in society. Even at a course, Alexander has shown himself as a talented and active student who strives throughout to achieve the best results. Then he met with his supervisor, the candidate of biological sciences Valery Panteleevich Kartashev, a teacher of adaptive Physical Culture. Thus began the young man's path in science: conducting research, preparing reports, participation in vnutrivuzovskih, urban, national and international conferences, exhibitions and forums. Alexander presented their projects to "NTTM" in 2007, 2008 and 2009, the Third Festival of Science, held at Moscow State University, and many other scientific activities. Life became so interesting and exciting that I wanted to catch everything. An important role in professional development played Goltsova Alexander Dean, doctor of psychological sciences, professor Galina Efremova and teachers who are trying to support all talented students. They helped him to know the fascinating world of psychology, rehabilitation, technology, recreation, tourism and more.

Moscow State University

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They are some (including me) and had the most difficult. If you are not “relative”, or if you have no money, then the “blame” for the sessions you will be mercilessly. But I managed to graduate from high school and internship. And what’s the point? Diploma in my hands, work experience is. For more information see this site: David G. DeWalt. But in order to get a good job, knowledge, and a Diploma Medical University, alas, is not enough. If the university somehow contributed to the employment of its graduates … But nothing like we have not. ” And – to Anton S., a journalism student, Moscow State University.

Moscow State University, most probably, the famous Russian University (abiding by the way, only 22 positions), “Enrolling in journalism, especially for a free room, I was in seventh heaven. But almost immediately discovered that hides behind the facade of the prestige of many shortcomings. I do not argue, we have enough strong teaching staff. But courses, I think, largely obsolete. Why future journalists, who must be well-educated people in this abridged volume of teaching history? Why such a decrepit at the Faculty of resource base? A the main criticisms I have to teach foreign languages. If you have the time of admission already knew the language well enough, then you lessons at the faculty will not give anything new. And if you dream to study a second language “from scratch”, or hold on to a good English level, then nothing good will come of it. So I have to do extra courses.

” The second conclusion suggests that after studying the rating itself, is the fact that Now there is a powerful “lift” non-state universities. Learn more about these schools will be discussed in another article (link). But with enough confidence to say that private universities to set positions have already bypassed the traditional state. More attention is paid to them, and modern approaches to teaching and learning of foreign languages, and modern material and technical base, and future employment graduates. Tradition – that’s fine. But only when they are backed up with fresh ideas and new techniques. Those public universities that take into account this circumstance, are in the ranking Vseveda in leadership positions. Those that do not – Alas … Choosing to enter a particular university, you should really get serious about the quality of education that you receive. Can be based on the methodology and rating Vseveda, you can talk with students and graduates of high school you liked, you can consider their evaluation criteria. But come to college just for the sake of at least somewhere to go, we recommend that you definitely do not. You only lose time, and most likely, money. Your future depends on what move you make today.

Moscow State University

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Responding to questions about the possibility to buy from us held a diploma of a university, as well as learn the cost of the diploma, I would like to clarify that: there is a category of universities where you will be denied opportunity to buy even held a diploma for serious amounts. First of all, these Universities, as Moscow State University and Moscow State Institute. Buy held university diploma with entering data 'backdating' is not practiced by definition. Too many risk decision-makers in these organizations. A 'slip on the watermelon rind, "as said the head of one of the universities, no one wants, because at stake are very different things and most other money. Therefore, if any magician promises to sell you a diploma held at Moscow State University, Department of any, then the least doubt.

If you, for example, take a responsible position in the state structure, pay your attention to the institutions of the caliber smaller, there is an opportunity to buy and place your university diploma held by all the rules. The cost of personal affairs with the introduction of all necessary data to the archive of the Institute depends on the status of the university (Public, commercial, period of existence, etc.), locations (Moscow or no), sensitive staff (positions held, number of dedicated, etc.), diploma (regular, red, PhD, PhD, etc.) and ranges from 150,000 rubles held university diploma. If you can not, but really want to buy MSU held a diploma or MGIMO, for this there is an intermediate option. It is that each faculty, and MSU and not MGIMO exception, there officers responsible for verifying information about students, for students – this is a teaching inspector. That is, they send a request to archive the primary faculty of the presence or absence of personal affairs such a student in a given period, a certain form of education. Using our connections you can quite happily get a promotion or other material benefit, knowing that you have covered the rear. For each option on possibility of holding a diploma in a particular university to discuss the details separately.