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We know that it is important that the professor promotes spaces for research, quarrels in group, referring assembly of panels to the subjects, mockups, at last, everything what to become center of interest of the pupils, being able to deepen the study and the knowledge to each day. In this direction we have the intention to take the chance to interpret and to reflect concerning the workmanships Marinara Jellyfish, Leda and the Swan both of Vik Muniz and Operrios de Tarsila of the Amaral. Identifying to which the substance cousin used per item of them for the production of its workmanships, which the intention of each one when constructing and divulging its workmanships and which the repercussions that each one has before the society. This because we understand that the Art has an importance that it goes beyond disciplines in the pertaining to school resume, therefore it is close product of the formation human being. with through it the citizen perceives the sensitivity of the humanity when therefore it is important to have the significant art as something in its education, therefore the art constantly opens doors, and that it provides the chance of citizen to enter in the human creative land of form.

This will be lived deeply in 4 serie/5 year of basic education I in the municipal College Jose To sound of Almeida in the city of Capoeiras, Pernambuco. Having a horria load of 10h/aulas divided between theory and it practises as plain of lesson in annex. II. METHODOLOGY First will be displayed for the pupils some of the workmanships of Vik Muniz, from investigations on the workmanship and the possible readings of the same one will be made there. After that the pupils will be questioned on the material that the artist uses for the culminncia of its workmanships, after that will be made a reflection on of these materials (if they are conventionally used for other artists, if the presence of these materials in works of art is frequent, which is the utility of these materials in the social environment them pupils etc.).

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