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In an education centered in the formation of the moral character of the people, it is evident that the family plays an important role very, the parents are main the responsible ones for the education of its children. As lines parallel bars, the family and the school must walk together. The school joining itself it familiar institution exerts its paper in the formation of these individuals, offering with more quality its pedagogical work. The access to the formal and informal education is tasks of the two, that working in partnership they will be able to have more success. at the moment that both to walk together, much of the problems faced for the school could be surpassed. For this it is basic that the parents participate of the daily pertaining to school of its children, they have comprometimento with the school thus generating in educating the certainty of that they are being supported. In this way educating starts to value each time more the school and its professor, therefore it knows that its educational success is important for its parents. It is very important that the school works of innovative form, therefore institution does not have to be contented after with the equal projects carried through year year, same practical without objectives the none to only legalize or to complement the curricular grating they must be banished of the school. The perfectioning in its methods and projects are one in the ways to rescue the pupils the interest in knowing other ways of accomplishments. In fact, in the pertaining to school life, the contact between school and family of educating are primordial, where informal approach has its importance firmed in diverse rezes, as: the tranquilidade with that the parents observe the insurance permanence of sus children in the school; the motivation of the proper pupils when they perceive that the school and the family if interest for its education.

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