The University of Florida Gospel Choir

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At the University of Florida there is a spectacular choir which sings inspiring Gospel music. The choir was formed to give students the chance to participate in and listen to a well-organized and exciting Gospel choir. Another objective was to stimulate an interest in the very special genre of Gospel music in general and vocal Gospel in particular. The hope of the University of Florida Gospel Choir is that the sound of Gospel music will reverberate throughout the country in campuses everywhere.

The name Gospel music says it all in a word; the music is inspired by the bible, which is often referred to as the “Gospel.” This music exists for one basic reason, to express the spiritual side of individuals or communities, with a special emphasis on the Christian approach to religion and spirituality.

In the broadest sense Gospel music can mean any type of Christian music, in many different styles. Here in the US gospel has come to mean a particular type of soulful music coming out to the slavery experience of African Americans beginning in the 18th century.  There is much repetition in the form due to the fact that it developed when most of the participants in Black Christian worship could not read a hymnal; therefore their form of worship was in repetitive song.

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