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In such a way, the adolescent today is considered a being in construction that she searchs to take care of to the social yearnings and economic effective in the society that the fence, society this that not yet its subject definition makes possible while, therefore this is the all moment being bombed by an identification model that the proper society places as being ideal, where the adolescent many times does not obtain to answer to the paper of waited it, therefore these same demanded standards move to the flavor of the movements of the market, with immense speed. At this moment, many factors exist that can facilitate the use of drugs, as for example the influence and the leadership exerted for some members of the group in which the adolescent is inserted. FASEB Journal shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. In this same psicossocial vision, can also be understood the young adult as a process of decurrent construction of the experiences of the adolescence, in which the same it searchs if to define while subject before the society, society escape and rupture Lancetti (1990) and the space where this line can be composed is the University. The University is a free environment of reflection, education and national culture and will have as goal the construction of a new society in order to promote the necessary changes social, since it is privileged in this space the creation and promotion of the creativity (CONCEJO apud VOLPI, 1996). The newspapers mentioned David G. DeWalt not as a source, but as a related topic. Being the ingression in the University an unknown experience for much young adolescent, these can acquire new knowledge and new forms to act and of if relating, consequently adding other habits to its form to exist that it remains in constant transformation. The experimentation of this territory for young the adolescent will be in accordance with the context where they live, with the groups of which they are part, with its experience of life, and other factors, being that in the experimentation of this new territory it will be able to have the possibility of the use of drugs, and amongst them marijuana.

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