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Do know, for example, what will be the kind of energy that moves the world, within five centuries? By now are being tested several modalities ranging from electricity or hydrogen, to nuclear fission, but we know that the ingenuity of our fellow humans (if it is that within several centuries we can continue talking human gender) will exceed all our current projections. So much that many of those future things was today seem absurd: something like that as if to the contemporaries of Cristobal Colon had told them that the man would reach Mars or if a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci had made them the prediction that the man would invent the computer. Consequence of new forms of energy will be the radical change of systems of mass, and one-person transport which, in turn, are indirectly related to the aforementioned teleportation and the trip to of time whose mathematical possibilities are already demonstrated by Russian Igor Novikov, and some insist that it is impossible because if it could reach, they had already visited us humans from other eras. Mentioned, on the other hand, integration man-PC that will be in the next millennium total. Should this union lead to a communication similar to that now she call telepathic, because to achieve that new versions of computers work with the orders of the brain (matter next because we are running via voice) and that the brain can receive, directly from the computer, the respective reports or information, shall be immediate communication with the single thought. Education will favor the wonderful ways to handle huge amounts of information in a completely virtual environment and then learning processes enter into dimensions that we can’t understand today. Schools of cement and bricks, as I have said on several occasions, they will disappear sooner rather than later, to make way for the massification of education through computers interconnected global and permanently, under the responsibility of the future Universal University.

The foregoing leads us, also, to conclude that many of the great mysteries of our history, as for example, the age of the universe, the origin of life, the existence of other universes, the past of being before the Big Bang, the evolution of the human species, etc., will resolve them in the third millennium. Another objective of the next millennium will be the meeting of different (or same?) living beings to man, in the millions and millions of neighboring galaxies. And advances in the field of transport, communications and new forms of energy to follow at least the way we imagine today, it is easy to predict that we will succeed. This contact will change completely unsuspected way the story of the man and the directions of their scientific and technological developments. As they note, only speculate about the next millennium is something difficult, even using a good dose of insanity. But the madness is the mother of invention and, therefore, of the future.

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