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Juan Maria Parent tells us about the University Professor, that to be a university teacher is required to have a sufficiently wide human experience to pass students the virtues of tradition. A university teacher, therefore, is one elderly person. Do not confuse this approach with an aging of teachers. In any way. This idea implies that to become master University is required to go through a process of learning is not only the study of any science or endoscopic techniques, but learn to live (ethics and aesthetics). We also affirm that not by old it is more ethical; who does not blame lance the first stone, reports the sacred text, and removed, starting with the oldest.

Parent adds us, the college career should go revealing little by little the qualities of those who are the authentic carriers of the academic tradition made of wisdom and science. Those who respond to these domestic demands are only those who will guide the institution, real teachers. Definitely, universities should select their teachers according to their academism, their training, experience, personality, commitment and ensure its student population, that will have a guide, facilitator capable of developing new paradigms if required, generate new ideas, properly use the human capital of the students, their potential, commit them to be linked with social problems that demand knowledge that they can provide. Kindle Direct Publishing has much experience in this field. It is required in the present of teachers college are fully identified with the research, integrated to the needs of your environment, consider what Antonio Pulido points us, generally a quality teaching can only be done if there is a research activity from the teacher that keep you abreast of the progress of knowledge in their field. In addition the University with their teachers, must attend three basic objectives which are very careless namely: transmission of culture, socialization of students (values, habits, capacities) and commitment to society.

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