Wedding Forest – With The GeschenkBaum As A Sustainable Gift

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Original, organic and permanently: The GeschenkBaum! A wedding is always the question with them, what they should give the bride and groom for the guests. The gift idea for the wedding should be original and durable as possible which is why wedding trees are very popular as a gift. In the winter, or when there is no garden available, the “GeschenkBaum” of ForestFinance is a suitable alternative to the self-planted tree in the forest of the wedding. This wedding gift represents not only a (money) for the future of the couple, but is also a symbol of the growing relationship of the couple. The couple next to a tree that is planted in Panama receives an individual gift certificate in a decorative wood casket at the wedding tree from ForestFinance.

As a result, the gift appear particularly exclusive. To the silver wedding anniversary, the couple will receive from the triple amount of the purchase of the GeschenkBaums predicts. Back remains a rich mixed hardwood trees are only selectively harvested on the land in Panama. More information to the Online orderable GeschenkBaum, see about the wedding forest and the symbolism of wedding trees: planting a wedding tree in a forest of wedding as a symbol for the future, continuity and growth is a centuries-old tradition. Already in the middle ages brides and grooms often planted a special tree in the forest of the wedding for the wedding. In the past, this custom had a high commercial value: wood was a precious, life-sustaining resource.

Earlier, many cities have had an own wedding forest. Today, there are however hardly wedding forests, as couples move more frequently, so that a “stationary” wedding tree no longer fits the current life designs. A wedding tree”as a gift to the wedding you express the desire, the newlyweds sustained each other leads a loving married life: so as the tree grows, so grows the mutual love, too.

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