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The only literature to our theme that could find was a book by Christopher Farrell, "Day Trading Online" – if you ignore the excesses of practical examples on the American Stock Exchange, and skip the intro, where as any American has written a book, he thanked all those who are only able to remember it, the theme of scalping can crystallize in three statements. 1. Scalping means to profit from market changes that have no economic sense, either by using its short-term effect. 2. Starting from the first statement, scalping the market can be divided into two subspecies. The first – Is the bid-ASA spredding, that is almost simultaneous exposure Limit orders to buy and sell on the edges of the spread to profit from the difference between the purchase price and sale price. Second – trading on pulse – here profits obtained by a rapid entry into position on the early momentum, and equally rapid exit.

3. Achieving a positive result from this style of trading is possible with technical and psychophysical benefits trader. To dry theory full of practical sense, we consider these allegations as an example of our favorite instrument Scalping – RTS Index futures (for brevity I'll write their name on the stock exchange – RIZ). So, to see how to profit from short-term changes in futures prices, look at the so-called glass. Buy or sell stock assets can in many ways. Us to further work will be only two: the administration of the broker application of purchase / sale of an asset at market price with its immediate execution – market application, and administration of the application of purchase / sale of an asset at a specified price with us – application is executed if the specified price becomes the market – Limit application.

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