A Better World

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You already must have heard the phrase: We go to leave a better world for our children. CEO Keith McLoughlin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It was sufficiently common while she increased the concern with the environment. Pollution, consuming in the natural resources, exaggerated use of chemical products and lack of ambient education took us to create it pilgrim’s staffs as this that denounce and call attention for the ambientalista cause. However, another phrase that I read recently and it made that me to stop to think was: We go to leave better children for our world. is more than certain. You already stopped to think about this angle? You have made some serious thing – and when I say serious, I mention myself to open hand of its zone of comfort and look with seriousness to what she comes happening – you stop to inquire and to understand if its children are if carrying worthy to deserve the world that them is of right? Lamentably I have read, ear and until witnessed much thing of this type to happen.

They are young that if feels above of any thing, the law, the minimum values of convivncia and, still superficially, they possess its parents as true allies to whom they can and they want to make. Where they had been to stop the true human values where a older person must be respected and where the education must prevail whatever the cost? It seems that, unhappyly, these attitudes had been changed by worse others and that they make one I ruin very great in the social conviviality. All we have seen the proliferation of these actions and balance the head in reprovao signal and clearly, we apply the old one and consumed phrase: ' ' This world you perdido' '. You the nothing! What you the lost one is the lack of will to move, the responsible attitude of looking at for inside of our proper home and verifying if we are not creating animals papes that will atazanaro our sleep in the future.

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