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Freire in I capitulate three says to believe that one of the essential qualities that the democratic teaching authority must disclose in its relations with the freedoms of the pupils is the security in same itself, inside of this thought the author to it deals with principles as security, ability and generosity as indispensable attributes to one ' ' true educador' ' that it is worried in is prepared to repass the knowledge with security and authority as both complete themselves, but without never losing the generosity it stops with its educandos, it remembers more to the front of the necessity of the comprometimento, that is, it must have an approach each bigger time between saying and making, between what it is looked like to be and what is really for it another one to know that not to be able itself to place in doubts at any moment is of that, as experience specifically human being, the education is a form of intervention in the world, deals with the question of the freedom and authority demanded in practises professor remembering that nobody is citizen of the autonomy of nobody, still speaks in the same I capitulate that to teach it demands taken conscientious of decisions what if to the educator or the democratic, conscientious educator of the impossibility of the neutrality of the education is to forge in itself exactly one to know special that never must abandon, to know that motivates and supports without fight: if the education cannot everything, some basic thing the education can, leaves clearly despite the professor has that to know to listen, therefore the same not he is detainer of all the knowledge the same still needs to recognize that the education is ideological, the necessary educator to be made use I dialogue to it with the educandos therefore he is not shameful to be unaware of something, he needs to testify the opening to the others, the curious availability to the life, its challenges, therefore these are to know necessary to practise educative and above all the necessary professor to want the pupils well, the author says that he needs to be discarded as false the separation radical between seriousness professor and affectivity. The book in study has useful principles to the educators, but so that these principles are practised it is necessary that many professors are conscientious of that these principles alone will occasion positive effect if applied correctly and first they are applied ' ' educadores' ' that most of the time they apply to the pupils ideas total retrgadas and want to get resulted positive. Resenhado for Appeared Aline Barbosa and Jackeline Gomes Barbosa Soares. In a question-answer forum Richard Linklater was the first to reply. Students of 4 Period of Full Licenciatura in Sciences Biological, in the College of the Parnaba-FAMEP Medium..

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