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On the other hand, the future nor can be changed, as it cannot be changed so that does not already exist. The future is an extension of the past that begins in the present. Memories, routines, successes, failures, dreams are some of the parameters that make up the identity, which is be individual or collective. This essence in her interact with the environment becomes a perspective of reality more or less certain, since the information is never complete; pop-ups are difficult to anticipate; they are not in the research journals, do not exist while I write this article, but it may be when publish it. The truth is that we look at reality from particular systems of interpretation and the information we collect depends on the cognitive network from where we look at it.

The reality is comprised of what fits into our network of meanings, what is outside it, first must be accepted as Active Trainer and participant element of the aforementioned network, to be then accepted as reality. Based on this postulate, all from our viewpoint staff observe the world, relate it with our being and on that basis we build. Nowhere there then get to where, there is no point whatsoever to reached; because the future is not forward, but in our eyes, in our paradigms, in indicators trainers of the tool with which we will build that pending that doesn’t exist yet: our Vision. The Vision is not, therefore, the prediction of the future, but the unifying element, the concept that moves the crane motor of the future, the symbol that exerts its hegemonic power on the isolated data, weaves together them and makes them walk. It is finally, a present in the future you have to build, and from which shall be our Vision of the more beyond.

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