Henan Hongxing

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In recently, Hongxing crushers are introduced from Germany advanced manufacturing technology, having realized high wore resistant and long service time. Among of them, JC series jaw crusher is one of the biggest achievements with the most advanced international crushing technology. Based on much of crusher researching experience, Red Star experts adopt finite element method, having developed a new generation crusher successfully. This new type of jaw crusher is fixed by specialized rubber shock absorbing device, which absorbs equipment vibration peak effectively. At the same time, it allows jaw crusher vertical and longitudinal displacement direction so as to reduce impact to the base. That the symmetrical V-shaped cavity design, large inclination of the bracket, large stroke and reasonable speed make the feed particle size bigger, higher yields and more uniform particle size and lower jaw plate wear.

Heavy movable jaw assembly uses forging heavy-duty eccentric shaft, high-quality overloaded rolling bearing, the finite element software optimized jaw body to ensure impact resistance and high stability; The labyrinth seals and central lubrication system guarantee bearing grease against contamination, so that the lubrication is more convenient, operation longer and more stability. New type of HCP hydraulic impact crusher absorbs advanced foreign technology and combines with practical domestic situation for optimized design. The whole structure is simple, practical and reasonable. Meanwhile, the larger and better cavity greatly improves production efficiency. The product is high versatility, and the two chambers can become three-cavity increasing in plans grinding by crushing, so that it reduces secondary investment for users.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as sand maker, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service. All modern enterprises are struggling for improving core competition in order to start a better prospect. Based on years of development and innovation, network Star Co, as a pioneer crusher manufacturer are constantly researching new products and expanding new markets so as to satisfy ore resources production requirements. In recent years, we have produced new types of crushing equipments have many characteristics, such as energy saving and environmental friendly and reliable performance.

That provides a steady support for industry development in China. Impact crusher can adjust the discharged size through a variety of means, such as adjusting the speed of the rotor, adjusting the impact plate and the gap of the grinding cavity. Clearance adjustment can adjust by mechanical or hydraulic press, hydraulic control system can easily complete clearance adjustment through the on – site operation button or remote control system. But the hammer crusher only by changing bottom sieve adjustment. When the materials enter the field of the hammer, it is impacted by the hammers, thrown onto the impact plate, and crushed. The stuff springs from the impact plate, is impacted by the hammers again, and thrown onto impact plate. This process will last until the stuff meets the requirement and falls from the machine. Adjusting the distance between impact frame and rotor frame can change the shape and size of the output. When some foreign stuff enters the machine, the impact frame will fallback, the stuff falls from the machine. This device can prevent machine from damages.

Bariatric Surgery

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One in seven people over age 50 suffers from impaired glucose tolerance, which consists of the elevation of blood sugar levels after eating. In the majority of cases, this intolerance develops as a result of obesity and associated metabolic syndrome. If the person does not take concrete measures (low weight, controlling their diet and regularly practice exercise) when this problem is diagnosed, the direct consequence is diabetes, which grows to great strides and has become a serious problem for public health, particularly by its high prevalence among young people and children. It is estimated that one in ten people who suffer from impaired glucose tolerance will develop type 2 diabetes and it is estimated that in thirty years, the rate of people with diabetes around the world may grow in more than one hundred percent. Diabetes produces, in turn, own complications.

One of every three people with diabetes will develop kidney failure and more than 70% will die of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it is the leading cause of blindness and amputation of limbs. If you would like to know more about CEO Keith McLoughlin, then click here. When this gloomy scenario is presented, the obese must take measures more effective. If traditional treatments have already been tested and not the expected results have been achieved, undergo a surgery can be an interesting option. Still don’t understand the exact mechanisms by which insulin levels are controlled after an operation of this kind, but there is extensive medical literature which endorses its results and give us guarantees to take the risk. The patient may have a great recovery after the intervention. Approximately 70% of patients are able to eliminate their diabetes and lowering triglyceride levels within a few days of post-operative.

This percentage may increase or decrease depending on the type of surgery. The speed with which it happens makes think experts not associated with the low weight, since patients are still obese when their values are stabilized. Some say that it is due to hormonal changes, to the improvement of habits and the reduction of calories that are assimilated by the organism. Even if Bariatric Surgery is not viewed as part of the treatment of diabetes, you need to call your doctor the possibility of making it. There are different types of operations that can adapt to your case and your needs, and may help overcome two of the most dangerous diseases of our century. Obesity Surgery offer several alternatives to recover his health as the Gastric Bypass, gastric banding or gastric balloon among others. Don’t think that you can ever reverse your situation, must only know the options that are at your fingertips.

The Desire

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When he finished the draw again the announcer say the prizes: A new ball in basketball Professional for every lucky). I.e. what weeks I was asking won my son (just this year began to go learn to play basketball) and wanted his new ball. There went I realized account that the experiment had failed before, now gave results positive (see the article entitled the experiment). And strongly that what I did that night went accompany the desire that was my son, also making my own. If had only been sufficient desire, had won during the first two coupons that took out; However came out winner just when I also raised my desire. In other words, that night was part of an experiment that I had not I proposed; the universe with it told me: Kid experiment to make it work is done: there is to want the other person to accompany our desire; but one must accompany the desire of the other without knowing this.

That is what somehow came to the conclusion in the article that I called the experiment. And lo most prominent it is that when I gave my desire at that moment neither I remembered the law of attraction, I not made I am, I not thanked in advance (except that two hours before the match, without remembering me nor the law of attraction, visualize my son winning an award but in a totally different way that turned out). Therefore, at that time the only thing I did is ask with desire emotion, nothing more, except of course done together (without knowing it) with my son. The newspapers mentioned FireEye Inc not as a source, but as a related topic. Now step to enumerate certain coincidences (with the presence of the number 7) that I sensed after finished the match: Penarol won him Argentines of Junin 107-77 (this relate it as if the bookmark Digest 1 = 777). I some time ago that I have been wondering if 6 represents the man and 666 the beast; 7 is perfection (of God), then 777 who represents?, not to God because that’s the 1, nor the Trinity, which is 3.


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The solution to the high price of materialism are obsessed with everything he has? Probably yes. In a question-answer forum Gerald Weissmann, MD was the first to reply. We have become a country of consumers, that is our main distinguishing. According to the opulence book I live to eat: the truth is that we buy and then throw so many things, that our spending only in garbage bags is greater than what you assume total expenditure of 90% of 210 countries that make up the planet. This continuous quest to accumulate things has become a kind of disease of social transmission that was just infecting the spirit and threatening to destroy not only the environment, but also families and societies. And what’s more: to achieve what they want, many have left aside his scruples and does not hesitate to resort to all sorts of ruthless acts. By way of example: companies have to practice an effective strategy which called obsolescence planned, or in other words designed to go to waste.

This strategy might seem logical if We think in bags for waste or perhaps in paper products, however, currently carried out in the production of goods of high cost such as cameras or computers. Moreover, information technology is designed to ensure that computers manufactured today are obsolete as soon as possible, and that within a couple of years are converted into a real hindrance to communication. And at the same time, however, these companies seek to consumers to deposit all the trust in its products. Here is where comes into play another technical called perceived obsolescence and being instructed to convince us that we dismiss products that are still perfectly usable. How you they manage them to achieve this? Change the appearance of things. And fashion is the best exponent of this. We are encouraged to evaluate people based on the clothes that dress or cars that lead, and to follow the trends, lest they go and say out there that we do not follow them! Take a look at the current state of the economy It should be enough to realize that there is something that’s certainly not going well in our financial systems.

Emotional Intelligence

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Howard Gardner, psychologist, current Professor of graduates of the University of Harvard School, which has received numerous honorary degrees from universities around the world, in 1980 established his theory of multiple intelligences; in his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (structures of mind: the theory of multiple intelligences), indicated that there are eight different types of intelligence, distinct and independent but interrelated. The types of intelligence, according to Gardner, are: linguistic or verbal, spatial, logica-matematica, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and naturalist. Gardner, in his theory, also indicates that intelligence can be developed and is not something innate and unchangeable. Daniel Goleman, Ph.d., psychologist, also from Harvard, in his book Emotional Intelligence (emotional intelligence), published in 1995, it became a Bestseller, popularized the term of intelligence emotional (EI). You may wish to learn more. If so, David G. DeWalt is the place to go. The intelligence emotional is the ability to recognize our own emotions, understand its meaning and understand the emotions of one’s self to affect people who are us around. Emotional intelligence also involves the perception that we have of others and when you understand what other people feel allows us to manage our relations in a more effective manner. Both Gadner and Goleman agree that we have multiple intelligences, usually one or more than one are more developed than others and that we can develop them consciously to live life more fully.

This article discusses the importance of emotional intelligence to achieve success and happiness. People with IE developed generally achieve goals being proposed because they take into account, primarily, the importance of interpersonal relationships in life. According to Goleman EI has the following elements: self-knowledge, control himself, self-motivation, empathy and sociability. EI is the key to having success and achieve happiness. Knowledge of self is important since it allows us to know our emotions and deal with them according to the situation and not allow our emotions to direct our lives.

The Obligation

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In this case, we understand that the guarantor not could never oppose the creditor with endorsement the takest away and/or you expect from the Convention, even on the assumption that it would have voted in favour of that Convention. In this regard, notes the LC that responsibility for the solidarity required, guarantors or guarantors of the bankrupt creditors that had voted in favour of the Convention shall be governed by the rules applicable to the obligation who have contracted or conventions that had been established on the subject (article 135.2). 4 Guarantee in favour of particularly related to the special relevance debtor creditor is analyzing the question of What happens when the creditor with aval has particularly related to the bankrupt person. According to article 93.2 of the LC, when the guaranteed debtor is a corporation, are considered especially related to people:-partners which according to law are personal and unlimitedly responsible social debts and those others that, at the time of the birth of the right to credit, are holders of at least 5% of the share capital, if the society declared in competition had securities admitted to trading on official secondary market, or 10% if didn’t them.-the administrators of law or fact, the liquidators of the bankrupt legal person and parents with General powers of the company, as well as those who have been so within two years prior to the statement of contest-societies forming part of the same group as the society declared in competition and its partners, provided that they meet the same conditions as in item 1 of this paragraph.As well, says the Article 97.2 the CL as follows: If the qualified creditor in the list of creditors as specially related to the debtor not objections in time and form this qualification, the judge of the contest, the deadline of contestation and without further formalities, issue an order declaring the guarantees of any kind established in favour of the credits that he was titular extinctordering, where appropriate, the possessory refund and cancellation of the seats in the corresponding registers.

Active Trainer

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On the other hand, the future nor can be changed, as it cannot be changed so that does not already exist. The future is an extension of the past that begins in the present. Memories, routines, successes, failures, dreams are some of the parameters that make up the identity, which is be individual or collective. This essence in her interact with the environment becomes a perspective of reality more or less certain, since the information is never complete; pop-ups are difficult to anticipate; they are not in the research journals, do not exist while I write this article, but it may be when publish it. The truth is that we look at reality from particular systems of interpretation and the information we collect depends on the cognitive network from where we look at it.

The reality is comprised of what fits into our network of meanings, what is outside it, first must be accepted as Active Trainer and participant element of the aforementioned network, to be then accepted as reality. Based on this postulate, all from our viewpoint staff observe the world, relate it with our being and on that basis we build. Nowhere there then get to where, there is no point whatsoever to reached; because the future is not forward, but in our eyes, in our paradigms, in indicators trainers of the tool with which we will build that pending that doesn’t exist yet: our Vision. The Vision is not, therefore, the prediction of the future, but the unifying element, the concept that moves the crane motor of the future, the symbol that exerts its hegemonic power on the isolated data, weaves together them and makes them walk. It is finally, a present in the future you have to build, and from which shall be our Vision of the more beyond.

Monterrey Campus

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It’s interesting how the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico, knows how to use their opportunities and above all, plan with assertiveness its growth, operability, in such a way that constantly increases its potentiality of vision, not only penetration at the regional level, national but internationally, consolidating in this way that their goals are reached, achieve, guaranteeing him an image of strength, security in all its programmesas also consistency in which training, training of its graduates are quality and where, they are responsible for let know, apply the knowledge acquired to benefiting all. Nohay forget, as reminds us exatec1.itesm.mx, which during its first fifteen years of life, from 1943 until the year 1958, the Tecnologico de Monterrey had been directed by three people: eng. Leon avalos, Lic. Roberto Guajardo Suarez and Mr. Victor Bravo Ahuja.

At the beginning of 1960, the Council of education and research Top extended the appointment of rector to Mr. Fernando Garcia Roel, after a year in which the post had been vacant. The vision of Mr. Garcia Roel, who held the post of rector for 25 years, the initial stage of the expansion of the technology of Monterrey.En was due September 1960, the Institute met 17 years of having been founded. I was then 3 thousand 952 students concentrated in the area of Monterrey between professional, high school and summer school, and had granted thousand 199 professional titles.

When Mr. Garcia Roel left office, the school population was 30 thousand 254 pupils, and the Monterrey Campus had graduated 21,794 professionals and extended 3,197 academic degrees. The work of the technology was carried out, in addition to Monterrey, in 23 foreign units.Since he took the reins of the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Eng. Garcia Roel noted the need for the institution to grow. He saw clearly that the technological culture of Monterrey could extend beyond the city that had arisen.

Language Guarani

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Republic of PARAGUAY ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI GUARANI, MERCOSUR NE TEETE day on LA culture GUARANI and environment, in streams and ESTUARIES tomorrow, Thursday 18 June at 08: 00, will be held a conference about the Guarani culture and the environment, in the College National species and of Arroyos y Esteros. This project is coordinated by Prof. Maria Asuncion Gonzalez Gonzalez, Director of the College; and by Prof. Claudelina Gomez de Aveiro, teacher of the institution. The activity that will be directed to teachers, students, mothers and parents of the community; It will be developed by David Galeano Olivera, Director-General of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI. Peicha, mbo ehara, temimbo e, sy has tuvakuera onembokatupyryveta Guarani reko has nande rekoha nenangarekope.

Jaikuaahaicha Guaranikuera akointe omomba eguasu has onangareko hekohare. Roundtable discussion on ROA BASTOS and the translation of their works Guarani Paraguayan Chamber Editores, Booksellers and partners (CAPEL), the spectrum graphics Publisher, Vazpi Editorial and Jopoi Editorial translations carried a roundtable discussion about Augusto Roa Bastos and the importance of the translation of their works to the Guarani language, on Saturday, June 20, 5 p.m., at the 15th book fair assumption (ex factory Martel Villa Morra). It is noteworthy that of the Nieves Dominguez and Enrique Chamorro, graduates in Guarani language, are official translators of the works of Augusto Roa Bastos Guarani. They will be exhibitors at the roundtable discussion: David Galeano Olivera, Feliciano Acosta, Lino Trinidad Sanabria, Paublino Carlos Ferreira, Georgina Gonzalez, Maria Eva Mansfeld de Aguero, Miguel Angel Veron Gomez, Maria Elvira Martinez fields and Mario Ruben Alvarez. ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI ohecharamo has omomba eguasu De las Nieves has Enrique rembiapo. Omba apo kyre y Mokoive ombohasavo Roa Bastos rembiapo nane Avanee eme. 16 Years of the REGIONAL ASUNCION-Center of the ATHENAEUM that same Saturday, June 20 at 20: 00 hours, Regional Asuncion-Center of the ATENEO of language and culture GUARANI will remember his 16 years of Foundation, with the completion of a fellowship dinner which will take place in the military Center, Naval and aeronautics, located on Mcal.

Groucho Marx College

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I have little time to do things related to leisure, why see TV is almost impossible for my, fortunately, since as I said American actor Groucho Marx, find television very educational. Every time someone turn it on, I retire to another room and read a book. But recently I saw a program on it. It was one about detectives who solved cases by their expertise in Criminology. The program is not bad, the debatable is the message without wanting it (I hope) that they give to the audience: need more like them to resolve the current crimes. Then I remembered a University that advertise his career in Criminology with this slogan: the crime is increasing urgen criminologists!. Nor am I against the University that the usa is more, a year ago I taught class one that offered that degree.

What do dispute in this article is that the message becomes distorted. Many young people entering universities forward to graduating with a secure job, but soon disappointed realizing tells that there are thousands like them looking for him also. They focused on the end, not in the process, i.e., believed that a University would give them the possibility to work and thus be able to earn money, but did not realize that she offers them the means to do so, not the work itself. Knowledge is the process, but they believe that with a college degree they will achieve their goals, putting aside the learning, by only pass the materials to acquire the role that distinguishes them as professionals. A person I just said that his brother is a graduate college and has no employment since long time ago, even though it looks for him, not found. What I answered is why it does not create an employment?, she looked at me astonished, but I doubt you say to your brother.

Once again is the end which appears, not the process: if I have no job, I have done something wrong to have it, is not a college degree get me, but I must get it. The hours that a young person spends in College should also help you learn how to use their knowledge in the working world, not only to approve their materials and thus get a document. The books I have written about vocational guidance invite me much to radio and television, they always ask me something similar: which professions are the most saturated?, although I always give them a list of 10 of them, I’m thinking answer: all. That’s the truth, there are many people in all races, hoping to earn a place in the work environment, but only get it if they leave thinking that graduating from College is the prerequisite for employment. Young people should stop thinking so to concentrate in learning really, to learn how to use the acquired knowledge in the world of work. That is the challenge. Do we really need more college graduates? No, urge professionals who generate employment, including his own.