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The solution to the high price of materialism are obsessed with everything he has? Probably yes. In a question-answer forum Gerald Weissmann, MD was the first to reply. We have become a country of consumers, that is our main distinguishing. According to the opulence book I live to eat: the truth is that we buy and then throw so many things, that our spending only in garbage bags is greater than what you assume total expenditure of 90% of 210 countries that make up the planet. This continuous quest to accumulate things has become a kind of disease of social transmission that was just infecting the spirit and threatening to destroy not only the environment, but also families and societies. And what’s more: to achieve what they want, many have left aside his scruples and does not hesitate to resort to all sorts of ruthless acts. By way of example: companies have to practice an effective strategy which called obsolescence planned, or in other words designed to go to waste.

This strategy might seem logical if We think in bags for waste or perhaps in paper products, however, currently carried out in the production of goods of high cost such as cameras or computers. Moreover, information technology is designed to ensure that computers manufactured today are obsolete as soon as possible, and that within a couple of years are converted into a real hindrance to communication. And at the same time, however, these companies seek to consumers to deposit all the trust in its products. Here is where comes into play another technical called perceived obsolescence and being instructed to convince us that we dismiss products that are still perfectly usable. How you they manage them to achieve this? Change the appearance of things. And fashion is the best exponent of this. We are encouraged to evaluate people based on the clothes that dress or cars that lead, and to follow the trends, lest they go and say out there that we do not follow them! Take a look at the current state of the economy It should be enough to realize that there is something that’s certainly not going well in our financial systems.

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