Deafness In The Third Age

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No matter how hard the medicine is evolved and that the longevity and the quality of life of the people of the third better age are each time, in our society, to age still is a painful process. It is so difficult to accept, how much to admit. Complicated more still, is one of the biggest causes of isolation. ' ' What normally it happens is that the individual of third age does not perceive that he is being deaf or it does not obtain to in time admit to arrive to have a preventive treatment. But as we can detect such losses and as to treat in time to prevent them its consequences.

He is proven cientifacamente that the auditory deficiency in human beings evolves, as the age. Of 35 the 54 years the average loss is of 4%, between 55 and 64 years, of 15% and in the individuals with more than 75 years. Perceived the auditory difficulty the patient will have to be directed for medical evaluation. The examination of the hearing (audiometria) allows to determine the degree and the type of the auditory loss. On the basis of these data and in the indicated treatment more: physician, surgical or of whitewashing. The objective of the treatment is to enable the cominicao of aged so that they are apt to function in a better level, in such a way social one with the improvement of the auditory perception that if relates with the speed and the auditory precision of synthesis, localization and understanding, beyond the improvement of the cognitiva function of the attention.

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