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In this in case that, the question of what it is better for education could be defined if the educators had ampler understanding of the meaning pedagogical of the set of the curricular proposals used in the educational system and of the used didactic materials, in classrooms, for the accomplishment of the pertaining to school activities. The use of the didactic materials, the knowledge of the curricular proposals of geometry and mathematics and the construction of the mathematical and geometric knowledge are pedagogical actions that would have to consider the main reasons of the existence of the school, that is, the acquisition, the preservation, the creation and the magnifying of the set of knowledge of the pupils so that they can more contribute for the improvement of the conditions of life and the creation of a society joust. In this perspective, D' Ambrosio (1996) and Borba (2004) affirm that the mathematical education also can contribute for a formation that promotes an education of quality and that it has as objective the development of the pupils of integral form, enabling them to assume the role of transforming citizens of the society. In this educative action, the classroom is the place where the professor and the pupils jointly argue the basic knowledge of the learning and the problems of the daily life. In accordance with Freinet and Salengros (1977), this is real a pedagogical method and concrete that it looks to offer to the pupils an education condizente with its practical proper necessities and by means of the daily ones. However, so that this occurs in satisfactory way, the necessity exists of that the professors organize the teach-learning of the form geometry to become it an activity that stimulates the auto-reorganization of the mathematical knowledge of the pupils. Thus, the professors must be intent to the errors and the rightnesss of the pupils so that they can search the improvement of the pedagogical work and obtain, of this form, to take care of the educational necessities of these pupils.

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