Complete Psychological Workmanships

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The imperative commands that them is joy for all, but joy embezzled in the object technician. Eduardo Riaviz – Modernity, after-modernity fundamentalismo (a lacaniana reading) We live in times characterized for the excesses, where the joy takes the place of the ideals, of the flags. To be professor ' educado' in the old school, of the effort in the search of the objectives in long stated period, it is difficult, therefore we have a youth ' educada' in the school of the easinesses and not the effort. Can be asked to which the exit for the professors to contain its distresses and its questions? It will be that reply for these questions exists? Ernest Friederichs Mandelli BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES PAIN, J. Introduction to the reading of Lacan: The unconscious one structuralized in the language. Translation of Carlos Eduardo Kings; Supervision technique of the translation of Claude Corbisier, Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1989. 203 P.

_____. Introduction to the reading of Lacan: Structure of the citizen. Translation of Patrician Chittoni Branches; Supervision technique of Francisco Franke Settineri, Porto Alegre: Medical arts South, 1995. 2v. 258 P. FREUD, S.

Brazilian Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Workmanships of Sigmund Freud. Rio De Janeiro: Imago, 1976. KINGS, AYRTON KINGS, et all. Where if He hides the Desire To learn of the Pupil. Available from: . Access on: 01 NOV 2011. SAINTS, Fanoel Messias of. The transference and the failure pertaining to school. In: COLOQUIO OF THE LEPSI IP/FE-USP, 5. , 2004, So Paulo. Available from: . Access on: 30 OUT. 2011 RIAVIZ, Eduardo – Modernity, After-Modernity Fundamentalismo (a Lacaniana Reading).

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