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The shepherd, according to Alice, says that you have to obey the God in everything, ' ' direitinho is pra to make everything what I am speaking, what I to order you have that obedecer' '. Here, it is clearly the necessity of the fidiciary office in finding the orientation correct. Somebody that takes care of of it and makes it to really feel protege, supported. Obeying the Alice shepherd it counts that it was starting if to fortify and if to feel capable to face the situations of the world ' ' there fora' ' , with resignation and submission. CONCLUSION To be in a Church by itself is not enough to develop a feeling of belonging to the group, is necessary to assimilate new rules, to interiorizar them and if to feel part of this community. The valuation given to the conversion in the life of the people is for being it a first movement of separation of that world where they had been imprisoned. The conversion by itself would not be capable to promote the ressignificao of its experiences and to promote one cure lasting.

For the interviewed people, it can be said that, of certain form, it had yes a reorganization of its identities. These people had made a sufficiently radical experience of cure and release; they had found at some moment, new felt for its lives and had been able to live deeply, according to them, the admiration of the other people. But the conversion to the neopentecostalismo if gave to the cost of the almost total dependence of a religious and marketing institution, implied in following rigid and arbitrary rules, internalizar beliefs and contents that strengthen an not-autonomy and a fundamentalist mental project. The blind obedience to the rules of the dependence can take to the esquiva and the insensibilidade front to the contingencies, what it makes it difficult the flexibilizao of the speech and the opening for new experiences.

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