Early Detection Of Special Education Needs

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Introduction. Early detection of Special Educational Needs (SEN) is one of the most important processes both within the field of health and education, because it involved medical professionals, social workers, early childhood educators, teachers, etc. These professionals must perform preventive tasks noting potential shortcomings of the environment in which children develop and diagnostic tasks, to recognize and identify early problems that may arise during development. The above implies that the earlier the detection is made of some SEN greater the chance of avoiding trouble and deviations in the development of minors. But the question is: Are they prepared the primary health professionals (pediatricians) and education (pre-school teachers) for early detection? Moreover, "These professionals have the evidence that is relevant for the detection? Detection Early. You may wish to learn more. If so, Richard Linklater is the place to go. Early detection refers to the first contact that has a child with a professional trained in the detection of disabilities.

In our area (Santiago / Chile) for children under 2 years old have their first contact with a medical professional (doctor) that, in general, has no knowledge or technical elements (supporting resources) to make detections SEN potential which might be minors. Other professionals who come into early contact with children are the educators of kindergartens, which although they have more evidence for possible SEN, these are not sufficient and leads to many children with early difficulties are not researched. Why early detection of disabilities or SEN? Early detection of a disability or SEN to: o Avoid building a difficulty in time (a longer, more internalization of difficulty). o Avoid generation of consequences in other areas of learning (reading, writing, skills neuropsychological, etc.) o Avoid wearing both psychologically and financially due to prolonged treatment product of a late detection (less with emotional problems due to tease him at school for not knowing how to communicate and great expense, since it takes many sessions work. What could be a few weeks resulted in months and years). How to detect disabilities or SEN? The primary health care and education using the following methods to detect SEN: o Clinical observation, based on experience and knowledge of normal development of the population. o Application of test or test battery both standardized and non standardized or informal. Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit:

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