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Today the teacher is not who teaches but who facilitates, promotes, guides and accompanies the learning of the student. Education today is not so much an achievement as the learning process of others. Do not forget the concept of lifelong learning. From this perspective, the presence of institutions or companies such as Master-D is more than justified. The concept of learning so it is more aligned with personal development and self improvement with that of a banking education. It is not only that students acquire knowledge and skills but to develop their capacity to learn to learn.

This guidance states that a party who has the responsibility of teaching has a remarkable ability to communicate, not only from the point of hearing, but considering all the skills involved in communication, both oral, written as, non-verbal, gestural, and even the mastery of techniques such as visual communication. And, of course, all tailored to the needs and conditions of their wards. This circumstance is more relevant if the chosen training model is the model of open learning or distance learning. On the other hand, the student must bring into play all his effort and will. Learning is an individual act that requires an effort by the learner.

Creating conditions to facilitate the processes and content and monitor and guide the learning are important elements that take a noticeable if we compare educational interventions today and we demand that our teachers used in the past. In the end, is about finding the interactions between them (people, items, content, design, means it is in these interactions in which learning occurs. This is the framework on which to base the design of open learning , training and preparation that defends and proclaims Master-D. masterdopina.’s External Relations Master-D,

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