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But most importantly, what is remarkable technique – an associative way of remembering words. So you have a general idea about it, I will give some examples. For example, you need to remember the English word seldom. Translated by Russian would be "rare." The author offers a word to remember in such a way that "VILLAGES house and collapsed, and all because they rarely repaired. Or this: Jeep infinity (INFINITY) at infinity carries us. Here, Richard Linklater expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Or again: the higher the chin (Chin), the chin below. How do you? At Alexander Dragunkina find the same association.

The English word star remembered best as a "staring at a bright star." In general, this is not an advertising article, but I personally highly recommend to get acquainted with works of these authors, and materials, believe me, is invaluable not only for beginners, but for the foreign language teachers. At least you can by reading their works, to discover the new in ways of learning. (I'd add, than the inflammation in your brain, the better). But it certainly is not about that. The usefulness of studying such literature is undeniable. The bad news is that the development of such methods and, accordingly, a substantial completion of your vocabulary, creates the illusion that you have achieved significant results in language learning. But so does it really? All adherents of this view that, with a weighty vocabulary you can freely express themselves in a foreign language, we posochuvstvuem. The study of words that have no basis for a language and not , reminiscent of the situation "a monkey behind the wheel" – a complicated and expensive machine, but that she needed to manage still be able to.

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