French Pronunciation

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As they say, did not say, I did not (not swimming, but floundered in the water), and then, suddenly, again! And talking (swam, and how confidently!) Well here and tell me what here includes grading and berate a student? For character traits? Well, it is impossible to influence because the natural process. It's like pulling up a tree for a branch that it grew faster. Now let's touch on the equally important and significant problem that arises in all who learn a foreign language. This problem – the pronunciation. There is no one who would be in learning a language, having a bad yourself or it would not be puzzled by this question. Click film director for additional related pages. "Are you over pronunciation? "What do you say to that? Try turning on Russian radio in English.

If you somehow perceive the language by listening, as you should hear the pronunciation out of the ordinary. Have already reached that our speakers from "Head of Moscow mimic all comedy programs. But these people put pronunciation than one year. Months they were engaged in phonetics in language laboratories, working on the articulation of the mirror, carefully mastering the movements of the tongue and palate during the pronunciation of a sound. And, as you can see, it still gave a weak performance results. Let's look at an example, now imagine that they live For example, in Moscow, two foreigners, for example, take two Caucasians (from the standpoint that they know the Russian language is better than for example the French).

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