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However to maximize the effect of the education on the growth, if it makes necessary that educational expansion is folloied by investments in the quality of education, represented for educational public politics that are guaranteed by means of the Brazilian Constitution of 1988. Since the education is well essential in accordance with constitutional ruleses, where an individual with bigger escolaridade exerts its citizenship better, being less inclined to commit violent crimes and thus contributing of positive form for the social harmony. However educational politics that want to reduce the evasion tax or to increase the effort of the pupil in the acquisition of knowledge must modify the structure of existing incentives, by means of the subsidy to the direct cost to study and increment of quality in the education, being that such incentives affect in decisive way the permanence in the school, in the measure where it increases the prospectivo return of the investment of one year more than to study. However the income insufficience many times hinders an individual to continue studying, in this direction, the educational politics must be complemented by programs of minimum income or of educative credits, as the Stock market-School YOU WEAVE and it. But in Brazil, the analysis of the public politics of promotion to the education has been more come back to the question of the focalizao and less for the questions of incentive, where the degree of incidence of the public charges with primary schools reaches in such a way rich as poor, however the degree of incidence of the access Average and Superior Education entirely is desfocados.

As evidenced the education it must be priority for countries that search its growth and economic development, therefore affects of direct form the intellectual and professional development of the force of work of the Country, that rees-echo consequentemente in one better productivity and in the economic social development of the same. For this reason a bigger comprometimento of public and private agencies with the education is essential; of public agencies with educational politics that enclose the real necessity of its private Country and agency, that if had considered to always give this service that is essential and a right of the population, primando for the quality of education. In this context, Brazil meets in the ones in a constant improvement of the educational pointers, however still it is in an inferior period of training the developed countries or that they meet in one same platform of Brazilian development. Being able itself to conclude that Brazil is in a way of educational development, but still it has much that needs to be made so that if it reaches the desired platform of education with quality and force of qualified work. Landmarks Andres Schons Graduating of the course of Administration for the Federal University of Santa Maria (UFSM) Center of Superior Education North – RS (CESNORS)

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