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This work searchs to portray aspects on the practical component that they elapse in the process of the formation of a professor of Biology for the Pedagogical University of Moambique. This important process is understood by the creation of conditions that facilitate to the practical framing of the future professor in the education process and learning, also allows to bring more tending forces the improvement of the processes of education in itself, by means of the survey of practical problems that they inside compel the brainstorming of the common sense. Practical the pedagogical ones are the way that not only takes the student to the professional improvement as professor, but, also, as educator. They are understood in plan position indicator (practical pedagogical one), PPII (practical pedagogical two, and PPIII (practical pedagogical trs), fitting it to them task to articulate and to operacionalizar the too much contents assimilated in as much other chairs of the vast curricular grate of the course of education of Biology. The edge of the story of the work carried through during practical the pedagogical ones, one also searchs to reflectir concerning the Ambient Education in the education of Biology. Some conditions will be brought that exert influence in the decision of the professors in becoming its practical lessons of biology in educative directed the ambient education. This work will present the data colectados in the diverse activities in different chapters. The first chapter, will treat subjects related with projecto in study whose subject ‘ ‘ Not capitalizaton of the lessons of biology for the practical one of the Ambient Education in the Intermediate school of the Estoril in the Beira’ ‘. As the chapter, will bring the constataes written down during the practical phases of the pedagogical ones (PPs). Finally, the third chapter will present the synthesis of the problems found in the continuation of the pedagogical activities of practical form.

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