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Varenholzer junior high school students undergo internship and first professional experience at the boys and girls day as practical to prepare on the transition from school to work, granted the private secondary school Castle Varenholz their pupils and students from the 7th grade through diverse vocational orientation measures an insight in the different professions or occupations. Take in the grade 7 students at the girls’ and boys’ day part. Followed by a vocational orientation week in the technology and education centre of Paderborn in the 8th grade. “The conclusion of a three-week work placement form in class as well as a two-week social internship in class takes 10 you still the application training or the regular company visits, we our students may 9 at the end of their secondary school with a clear conscience and well prepared in the future released.”, so Milan Todorovic, Coordinator of career choice at the Varenholzer secondary school. In the last few weeks were for students “the secondary modern school in Castle Varenholz participation in the girls’ and boys’ day, as well as the three-week work placement on the program: girls’ and boys’ day the intention of the girls’ and boys’ days is to break the stereotype of gender-specific career choice and taste of boys and girls in gender-foreign professions” to leave. The Varenholzer students and Schuler of grade 7 so could a workday in a you spend so far rather unknown profession.

So Alicia for example in a motor vehicle repair facility or Jaqueline worked in a carpentry shop, Julian took demented and motor eingeschrankte residents in a nursing home or Paul interned in a kindergarten. The experience of far have collected pleasant and surprising erfahrungen school was all together. For the thirteen-year Paul was one of the collected impressions in particular, that the mentoring of young children can be laborious and sometimes nerve wracking.” Internship During its three-week operation internship, the pupils and students of grade 9 had the opportunity to get to know the different occupations. Among other things, she completed her internship in the hotel specialist professions, education, elderly care nurse, hairdresser, painter, Mason, seller or electrician. In the context of the supervision of trainees the class teacher gathered regularly personally among employers about the benefits of their proteges’. I got to hear positive reviews almost consistently from the employers.

Both students as also the plants were about such a possibility at the career choice pleased. “, summarizes teacher Mehmet Pulat his impressions. Some students were encouraged to learn the tested profession, while others exclude this after the experience for themselves later.

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