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Outside the window a long time ruled by 21, and students of Russian universities receive an education, as a rule from behind the desk at the university, outlining the words with the teacher's dictation. With this method of learning the brain itself 'Refused' to work in the right direction after 5-10 minutes, and students 'reincarnated' in the manuscript copiers lecture notes. This method of presentation will not be used or not competent experienced teacher who has not yet grasped the essence of the subject, teacher or lazy, Coy was not interested high quality education. With about 80% of teachers are uncertain due to negative for photocopying notes. Thus, the student at hand is a notebook from cover to cover, covered with information. There comes a session and then there are usually two ways: either learn the material and successfully pass the exam, or pay and 'Pass' test.

But some teachers is that success on the exam – filled book summaries (in this case on the subject can not know absolutely nothing). Further details can be found at FASEB Journal, an internet resource. And students and teachers teaching them are clearly yourself what is really going on (but one is not necessary to strain the brain and learning 'too much', while others – there is no need to strain with the problem of taking the exam) – the benefit is obvious to all! But how do those who are in truth wants to know the science? They certainly will be able to master the abstracts scribbled notebooks. But those who are summaries of their records is not enough, and too many books, you can find lecture notes from other students in Internet. But as a rule, they are dispersed across the network. Just recently opened a website which aims – to exclude the issue, where there are lecture notes in a convenient form. There are certainly pluses: No more need often visit the library or try to find lectures from friends and acquaintances. In this case, since they are only the leading position, we can easily assign a path of further development of the subject in books and other sources of information.

The draft training material is ordered by subject information. For example, one can study the lecture on economics. As a result, many universities (certainly not all) teachers and composition, in many cases do not want to support the initiative of the possibility of acquiring new knowledge through the Internet. That leaves two options: for those who need to receive education on paper – seem like a pair of 'safely pass' exams and get it. And for those who really need the skills to be willfully take the initiative and improve, just a pity that without the support of universities.

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