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He waits for the neighbor across the hall to lift the blinds and let the day in, says Paul from its niche in the glass portal of a bank. Each one tries to take the scope of security guard kicks, insults or glances that pass. The aim is to invisible. But do not sleep until they reach the other angels of the night leaving food they have prepared hard to warm the body and facilitate a time of expansion. These homeless people have a handy leaflet which contains useful addresses: emergencies, public toilets to 0.15 cents, food for refugees or immigrants without resources, schedules places spread sandwiches, soup kitchens in neighborhoods with station meters and due discretion; centers managing the right to receive a minimum income (RMI); clinics of clothing for male and female accommodation, night centers for drug addicts with medical care, food and legal counsel, or laundry, shower and nursing centers day workshops in Spanish for foreigners, where they receive information services and management of social security benefits to which they are entitled as a people, and the Intercultural Social Mediation Service (SEMSI) for information and advice to immigrants.

Thousands of immigrants and they use them but try to approach these people helpless. Ago many years, a fellow at my table was a hot coffee. Then I said it was for a man shivering in that cold night in Madrid. That all began. To my relief, on the evening of life, has surpassed mere charity and centers proliferate in the search for a job for these people plundered and uprooted by socio-economic system crashes, or his personal failings. They are also organized in other cities in Spain and other European countries.

There are patches or masks, relief of bad conscience or patches to the injustices of a relentless development model with the excluded. They are screaming in the silence, while they eat and drink, dress and comfort, relief and support, strive to write and knock on the doors of the powers to report and provide alternative proposals, organizing solidarity networks to transform compassion and commitment to political action. There is no time to regret not raise us in absence aware that what is in justice is not granted in aid or charity. The service is transformed with the tact and delicacy. With the complaint, to the reception, with the commitment and the fire spread in classrooms and in media, in our workplaces and leisure. Convinced that another world is possible just because it is necessary. We can not speculate on aid to poor countries and crazy races without worrying consumerism and waste, while, in our environment that the beggar proximal. For Paul did not have to wait for the neighboring open the shutters to make way for new day.

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