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‘From time to time, this amazing object emits more than a hundred flares during which some 20 minutes, “said Loredana Vetere (Loredana Vetere), which coordinates the surveillance conducted by the satellite Swift, at the University of Pennsylvania. ‘During the most intense outbreaks of the total energy release exceeded the amount of power allocated to the Sun for 20 years .’… The star, known as SGR J1550-5418, located in the southern constellation Norma (Norma). Start Series moderate flares of this star fell on October 3, 2008, after which time the flash stopped and then resumed with renewed vigor January 22, 2009 in the form of intense emissions. Due to the fast, one after another flares and gamma-ray spectrum, the astronomers classified the object to a class of ‘repeaters soft gamma-ray’ – it’s just a sixth of the known objects of this class. In 2004 a giant flare, which occurred on a different transponder soft gamma-radiation was so intense it caused the ionization of the Earth’s upper atmosphere, far from it over 50,000 light years: the additional information.

Using data from the X-ray telescope on board the satellite, Swift (Swift), Jules Holpern (Jules Halpern), at Columbia University, registered the first ‘light echoes’ that has ever been observed on the soft repeater gamma radiation. Images (pictures), the radiation received from the latest series of outbreaks, demonstrate that, apparently, is a system of expanding rings (halos) surrounding the source. Outlines multiple rings of X-rays interact with the dust clouds at different distances. Scientists believe that the source of outbreaks is rotating around its own axis neutron star – a super dense remains of a supernova with the size of a big city. With more in diameter, only about 12 miles, a neutron star contains the mass, the mass of the Sun. It is assumed that this specific neutron star is a ‘magnetar’ neutron stars with incredibly strong magnetic field.

Known theory of soft gamma repeaters radiation argues that outbreaks are caused by ‘starquakes’ occurring on the surface of the solid crust of the magnetar. Since there are great changes of magnetic field lines of the magnetar, the crust deforms under the action of a monstrously large magnetic forces, which often leads to the destruction of the cortex. When there is cracking of the cortex, cortical oscillations occur with the formation of seismic waves, such as those generated during earthquakes, and ejected the flash of gamma radiation. Topics Still, no one knows for certain all the details of what actually happens, and much work needs to be done to understand these largely hyperactive star. NASA Space Telescope Fermi (Fermi), recording gamma rays, which start was made in June 2008, is ideally suited for the job.

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