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For Cintia Freller (2001) the school demands of its pupils the subliming or inhibition of very of its aggressive instincts. Many writers such as Levi’s offer more in-depth analysis. To become related with the colleagues and professors, the necessary pupil to accept the rules. More information is housed here: Levi’s. Beyond the directed innate aggressive impulses to the school, more aggressiveness is produced with the repression and frustration of the first instincts. The aggressiveness is seen then as something that it compromises and threat the functioning of the pertaining to school institution, as well as the process of education and learning. The paper of the educators is to preserve this organization being made to be valid the law, exactly that, in some situations, they have to appeal to practical the violent one against the pupils. Thus the aggressiveness of the pupils express for the indiscipline must be restrained, deviated for other ends.

For then defending themselves and making to be valid its rules, the school is used of mechanisms to control the instincts in its purpose, offers to ways substitutes of satisfaction and valley it superego it pupil. At the same time where the school demands of the pupil fulfilment of definitive norms and appears as surrounding of conflicts, either between the proper pupils, or them and the professors, Cenpec & Litteris (2001), affirms that also a desired place therefore is where they can coexist the friends. This ambiguous vision is present in day-by-day of the schools and I could notice during the course of my period of training in the State College Piratini with stories of pupils who exactly having conflicts with some professors or colleagues, they do not want to leave the college because of its friendships. In accordance with Corti & Souza (2004) exists a distance between the pertaining to school world and the youthful world, that live deeply are them of the young rejection of the pertaining to school environment, thus occurring a difficulty of communication between these two worlds and causing a weakness of the educative paper of the school, that finishes having that to compete with the media and the society.

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