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Tuberculosis – an infectious disease. Nike pursues this goal as well. Called microbacteria – tubercle bacillus, which is still quite stable in the environment is destroyed only by means of disinfection and the direct action of ultraviolet radiation (for example, sunlight). Source of disease – sick people and animals (cows). According to recent data on the planet is now about 20 mln. tuberculosis who pose a real danger to the public. Each year from the disease kills 1.2 million people. Filed under: Nike. tb bacteria are resistant to both chemical and the physical factors.

They can hit any human organs: bones, eyes, skin, gut, urogenital system, etc. Tuberculosis lungs – the most common of all kinds. The infection is transmitted by airborne droplets from a sick to healthy, so such a way that's very easy to get at least where there is no need in close contact with patients. If the body is seriously weakened by ill with tb is very simple. Poor diet, stress, bad habits and past illnesses, sleep disturbance – it substantially reduces the immune strength of our body. But the disease develops gorazdno faster at reducing hiv infection. If you do not deal with tb treatment the mortality occurs in 50% of cases within 1-2 years.

In the remaining 50% of tb cases becomes chronic. This patient lived for a while, spreading the bacteria and infecting others. Treatment of this disease is very severe and prolonged, it is a comprehensive approach and continuity. Widespread use in the treatment of tb found chemotherapy. But it must be said frankly, with all the professionalism of health workers to prevent all sorts of side effects is not possible.

Macrobiotic Diet

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The question the goals of Macrobiotics after proper diet the mankind from time immemorial. The news portal presents in an interview with life Advisor Kang thrust ring the Macrobiotic Diet. The idea of the macrobiotic already dating back to ancient times and slowly find their way into the modern society. Especially in Japan plays a pioneering role: there are fewer livestock, for large agricultural areas. Still cover the minerals contained in animal food, find the Japanese-appropriate alternatives. They find them in soy and Misopaste, which are ideal for the nerve supply and thus support the brain functions. Because Macrobiotics is a form of nutrition that should encourage especially the performance of the brain and keep the body healthy and relieve.

Thereby it becomes not only, but also as a way considered a form of food intake, more open space and lucky. The man should attain this through the diversity of the food composition. And happy and free A peaceful co-existence of the whole population was again diagnosed as resulting individuals. So, eating and drinking in the Macrobiotic Diet in the social context is considered. Basis is the question of what nourishes the intelligence of the people. Because the spiritual development is the basis for social competence. In an ideal intelligence diet is that represents a low stress for the organism, are all important nutrients for intellectual work and the nerves strengthened. Cereals such as millet, for example, was recommended for this purpose.

Long enough and cooked with very little salt, it releases nutrients that are important for the organism. These are included in a sausage or a serving of French fries. The digestion of food but significantly more than the porridge claim the body. Energy thus saved would promote not only health, but also the joy of living. More information: ../essen-und-ein-besserer-mensch-werden/1/ contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH Barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

Lisa Neumann University

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Effective treatment against pests head lice apply in our society today as a sign of uncleanliness. Often, especially children in kindergartens and schools of the parasites are infested. For parents, this often means a big load. For one, the battle against the pesky parasites can take sometimes some time, on the other hand is of course a financial effort. Carola Hoffmann, pediatrician from Dresden, underlines that the infestation with head lice does not necessarily mean a lack of body maintenance. The parasite feel extremely also in freshly washed hair. Contact information is here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindergartens are considered due to the close contact of the children between them ideal breeding ground”.

It is almost impossible to stop the rapid transmission. Hansen calls for unconditional care against head lice from the parents of affected children. A combination of the use of chemical dyes and a nit has proven as the most effective method. The pesticides are for the Health ( gesundheit.html) the children safe, the lice kill for including their eggs, the nits. Sometimes some of the parasite appear immune to this procedure, so a second treatment with the NIT comb is necessary. Hoffmann is recommended to comb the hair several times for about 15 minutes.

Nursing mothers who are affected by the infestation of head lice, should refrain from the use of the solutions. For them, there are alternative methods of treatment. However, the chemical-based solutions have their price. An effective treatment for a family of four could require more than 100 euro. To prevent head lice infestation and to avoid a recurrence, especially children should wear her hair simple and just slightly shorter. For more information: ../kleinkrieg-mit-den-parasiten/1/ Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

The Second

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The indicators in this case was just not. alumni, no. graduates, no. social service providers, no. of preventive maintenance, no. corrective maintenance, no. teacher training courses, no. of hours trained, etc.., all focused on numbers, but then who ensures that these courses have been selected and performed to a significant learning or graduate students who now have full development to be, etc.., from this context may never know, because this object-oriented.

Ultimately quality is bureaucratized all administrative processes, establishing standardized methodology to carry them out. Document everything achieved since its parameters is essential to show that if there is quality in the school. Furthermore this integrity, which is to bring to schools all factors features mentioned and described above are typical of holistic education, so I can say that is oriented to be based on qualitative aspects. It is located on the left side of the cosmos. As part of the subjective and inter-subjective being your test of courage, truthfulness, sincerity, integrity, honesty in the first case being in the infield single and righteousness, cultural adjustment, mutual understanding, justice in the case of the second within the infield group. When you have completed the process of differentiation and continue with integration, resulting in holistic education. In which the teacher plays a central role to be performed above explains everything. There is a code of ethics for holistic educators to meet each of you in the set, the significant comprehensive education will be present at the same time. This code of ethics, is summarized in fifteen principles that Dr.

Yoga And Its Benefits

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This step is difficult because emotions do not spill over the environment or cause personal damage. Therein lies much of the emotional problems: can we express emotions like fear, violence or anger without hurting yourself and not hurt others? The healthy expression of emotions involves finding a space where we can live in good conscience let that one has to live. By remaining a witness (drashta yoga) of emotion, it has a chance to tame it, to demystify and make one with it. The method of Satyananda Yoga offers techniques are very valuable, and yoga, to learn to watch the excitement unfold while remaining aware and sufficiently detached. View site Satyananda Yoga: Emotions in children One of the main dangers is the accumulation of emotions.

This may hinder the development of children for their entire lives! The child is literally forced to repress his emotions in circles he frequents, family and school. When he was told: “Do not make noise” or “Be quiet” or even “The boys should not cry” or “Go play, I do not time ‘what can he do in relation to himself knowing that his nature is to be connected and in motion? Children should be able to speak in the most natural to them, talking, yelling, crying, running, angry violence that occur among young people would it not an inevitable consequence of these multiple repressions they live day by day. However, children have their the antidote to their own excesses, he would ask them what they would do good. Filed under: David G. DeWalt.

Most often, they give the best answer ever! Education should make a place at an early age to an appropriate expression and conscious emotions. “emotional elimination is as important as the physical removal. Education should teach us to manage emotions without the fly, as we learn to control our sphincters. We teach the child not to urinate anywhere, but we preventing that do not urinate, because the consequences would be fatal. “(Beatrice Bellis). See the website on yoga for children: emotional richness Emotions are at heart of life and wealth that everyone can express as a human being. Therefore, the repression of emotions is so damaging. When you’re grown up, the reflexes are well anchored and the work of liberation is difficult. Love is the highest emotion with compassion. It is with the emotion of love that we learn everything we need to know in life. And it is most often love that we manage to overcome, to open ourselves to another, to the different, to offer the best of ourselves.