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They are distinguished from the areas of ' ' Legal&#039 reserve; ' , also defined in the same Code, for not being object of exploration of no nature, as it can occur in the case of the Legal Reserve, from a planning of sustainable exploration. Examples of APP are the areas delinquents of bodies d? water (rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs) and springs; areas of top of mounts and mountains, areas in accented hillsides, restingas and fens, among others. The definitions and limits of APP are presented, in details, Resolution CONAMA n 303 of 20/03/2002. MEDIDADAS MITIGADORAS Emater-Par through the local office is searching of intervention and reducing measures of ambient impacts with data-collectings of the activity next to the involved communities half, with proposals of ambient education, management and ambient support inside of the socioeconmico process with institucional partnerships municipal, to involve union, Semagri, City department of Environment, City department of Education, State Secretariat of Environment? Similar SEMA and other institutions. FINAL CONSIDERAES In accordance with the surveys, in field carried through, what if it observed, with the referring research, were to the disordered extration of the Taboca in the city of Saint Antonio of the Tau, that occurs mainly for economic and social factors, neither, offer of job, what it makes with that the inhabitants of the related city, appeal to the informal work, so that they guarantee its survival. In result of observed the partner-economic and ambient problems, as unemployment, me the income distribution and me the quality of life, such partner-economic scene finishes for unchaining another problem, the degradation of the environment, that occurs due to falling of trees of taboca, therefore, the ambient impacts generated by this activity not cause only its extinguishing, and yes, all affects the ecosystem of such locality, still more preoccupying consequence. Taboca, in the City of Saint Antonio of the Tau, also plays function of ciliar bush, that is, borders the rivers of this city, with ecological, biological, hidrolgicas functions and physical, what cause benefits in the maintenance of biodiversity, protection of the ground against erosion, among others essential factors for the maintenance of the species and also of the life human being.

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