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The National University of distance education and Universia have created a site that aims to put at the disposal of the whole society in an open and free, the knowledge that the University generates and taught in their classrooms so they can be shared by other stakeholders as teachers, scholars, students and the public in general this site is called Portal of UNED open courses and it is following the steps at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT for its) acronym in English), entity that some time ago opened his lectures to the public for free. There are free college courses in different areas of knowledge. There is a category called technologies of the environment, which at the moment has a basic course of remote sensing, which allows addressing problems related to territory and control of the impacts on the environment; the management of natural resources; risk prevention or land use planning and urban planning, among others aspects, through organized geographic data and software as the next geographic information systems This course will allow professionals and technologists in the environmental area to be more competitive and efficient at the moment of carrying out studies and environmental assessments..

Alberto Garzon Espinosa University

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Capitalism today is, in the words of Joseph Stiglitz, a capitalism of pals. Favors employers, relatives, government contracts awarded to friendly companies, planning of infrastructures at the service of private interests. The corrupt ties that connect politics with economic life come to light only from time to time, and always pushed by the most spectacular cases or those few lawsuits that manage to thrive. We learned only anecdotes, from corruption to the retail, but never large cases. Among other things because the judges, prosecutors, lawyers of the State and the media are responsible for silencing them.

In many cases, the pressure exerted from the highest spheres of economic and political power achieve always avoid demands and complaints involve significant sanctions and that it discourages corrupt practices. Jumps to the private sector mean not only an extraordinary improvement in the Payroll, but also to stay in power structures. According to a survey on economic power in Spain, held this year in the University of Vigo, a small elite representing 0.0035% of the population effectively controls an equivalent to 80.5% of the Spanish GDP. Thus was born his uncontrolled economic power, which mingles diffuse and dangerously with political power, weaving a network of exchange of favors and corrupt concessions and radically anti-democratic. It is urgent to take radical and effective measures against the favoritism and corruption.

We must review all current democratic mechanisms, since the funding of political parties until the laws of compatibility of public offices. And it is urgent to improve the judicial system and establish fairer legislation and copies for those who intend to make public their private business.Money or democracy. That is the question. Juan Torres Lopez and Alberto Garzon Espinosa University of Malaga original author and source of the article.