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Effective treatment against pests head lice apply in our society today as a sign of uncleanliness. Often, especially children in kindergartens and schools of the parasites are infested. For parents, this often means a big load. For one, the battle against the pesky parasites can take sometimes some time, on the other hand is of course a financial effort. Carola Hoffmann, pediatrician from Dresden, underlines that the infestation with head lice does not necessarily mean a lack of body maintenance. The parasite feel extremely also in freshly washed hair. Contact information is here: Kindle Direct Publishing. Kindergartens are considered due to the close contact of the children between them ideal breeding ground”.

It is almost impossible to stop the rapid transmission. Hansen calls for unconditional care against head lice from the parents of affected children. A combination of the use of chemical dyes and a nit has proven as the most effective method. The pesticides are for the Health ( gesundheit.html) the children safe, the lice kill for including their eggs, the nits. Sometimes some of the parasite appear immune to this procedure, so a second treatment with the NIT comb is necessary. Hoffmann is recommended to comb the hair several times for about 15 minutes.

Nursing mothers who are affected by the infestation of head lice, should refrain from the use of the solutions. For them, there are alternative methods of treatment. However, the chemical-based solutions have their price. An effective treatment for a family of four could require more than 100 euro. To prevent head lice infestation and to avoid a recurrence, especially children should wear her hair simple and just slightly shorter. For more information: ../kleinkrieg-mit-den-parasiten/1/ Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

Complutense University

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If the constitutional reform included only the deficit limit in the Magna Carta could be adopted by this procedure, without the need to consult with a Rrendum citizenship. However, if the constitutional reform affect the basic institutions of the State, fundamental rights or the Crown, the approval procedure would be hard and complicated, as foreseen in article 168 of the Constitution. In this case, not only cameras should get 2/3 in favour of the proposal, but that cameras should also be dissolved and called new elections. Add to your understanding with Campbell Soup Co. If the new cortes decided to ratify the text, you should immediately undergo a mandatory rrendum. In addition, to address the reform of the Constitution should consult the Council of State on articles to modify. Other modifications in the case that reform came forward, would not be the first time that the Spanish Constitution is changed.

In 1992 included the right of foreign citizens to vote in municipal elections in the country where they reside. The change was made through the most simple and only added the formula and passive to article 13.2 of the Constitution rrido the right of suffrage. This was a requirement of the Maastricht Treaty adopted within the European Union in the same year, which proclaimed the right of all European citizens to elect and be elected in municipal elections. However, there are other historical claims that have not been included yet in the Constitution, but who have been very debated in recent years. The most awaited reform relates to article 57 of the Constitution, where male are premium women in the line of succession to the Crown of Spain. This article is who made the heir to the King to be Prince Felipe and not his daughter, infanta Elena. This reform should be adopted by more complex way to affect a basic institution of the Spanish State. Realize the system of autonomy is a matter pending in the Constitution, according to Manuel Sanchez de Diego, a Professor of constitutional law at the Complutense University of Madrid, when it became, not expected that the autonomous communities were 17, but there would be many less.

University Headquarters

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Analyze the elements that distinguish the judicial proceedings to which the five Heroes have been subjected. Define humanistic and social conditions which were imposed by the U.S. Government to the five Heroes before the trial. Specify the actions that the Committee Pro release of the University of Ciego de avila in post of the struggle for the liberation of the five Heroes. Characterize the level of disclosure of the Committee Pro release of the University of Ciego de avila as regards the situation of the five Heroes to project them into the University Headquarters and the province. Analyze the role of the college students Ciego de avila to the cause of the five Heroes. For the realization of this work were applied different methods, techniques and instruments of research which allowed the fulfillment of the goal, using is more often the following: theoretical level: the historical logic to realize consistent determination of the historical evolution of the judicial proceedings they were subjected five Heroes.

Analysis and synthesis for the interpretation of the information obtained in the implementation of the instruments. The empirical level: survey: national and foreign students and professors of the University of Ciego de avila to assess the level of disclosure and the activities carried out in the center post of the struggle for the liberation of the five Heroes. The documentary analysis: characterization of everything that happens at international level about the case of the five Heroes, as well as to discuss the strengthening of the existing disclosure today at the global level and in the territory. The SPSS program for qualitative analysis of applied instruments was used for the statistical processing of information. The scientific novelty of the research is expressed in that it constitutes the first study of Community intervention that takes place at the University of Ciego de avila with respect to the five Heroes case prisoners unjustly in US prisons.

Guerrero University

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The political rule is not a man or woman product of a refined culture, in the Ruiz Massieu case Yes it is, and therefore was one of the big exceptions within Mexican politics and in particular that of the State of Guerrero. Richard Linklater addresses the importance of the matter here. I remember that when he was Governor of the State, it prompted the establishment of postgraduate studies in law at the then school of law of the University autonomous of Guerrero. The original project was prepared by Dr. Beatriz Parra, Dr. Gilberto Garza and others, was supported from the bureaucratic structure University Rector Marcial Rodriguez and presented to Ruiz Massieu, who joyfully saw that in the University had moods of progress and talent in their teachers. Neither slow nor lazy pledged support the project from its scope of action specifying with the now defunct CAPFCE construction of the building and built once gave him a modern computer equipment and library. Several times already created graduate pupils and teachers were invited to breakfast at home Government, the talks always hovered in academic and political issues especially in the legislative future of our State.

When graduated the first generation of the degree in law, he was the godfather of generation and commented that the Faculty of law was the first that I visited as Governor and is the last one I visit before delivering in power. All this denotes that his Lair to the legal culture and the University institutions was one of his great personal motivations. As Governor showed him fully to rework all the legal framework of the State and create institutions re-examine novel such as the Commission on human rights and the Court of the contentious administrative, among others.

San Jose Universities

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The wandering spirit of Sixto Amador fell asleep forever because never again emerged from Maicao, where he built a dazzling beacon for the teaching of mathematics and forged solid and long-lasting qualified education projects. Many writers such as film director offer more in-depth analysis. The classrooms of the San Jose (night and day), cooperative, Maria Montessori schools as well as universities, San Buenaventura and Magdalena, would be witness to his effort to train new generations of citizens willing to build new and better worlds. Acknowledged scientist Orlando Diaz and renowned professionals Deyanira Guevara, Edilberto Diaz, Juan Mendoza, Olga Diaz and Yanet Lopez Martinez passed through her classes. 31 December 2010 (twelve at quarter to, me stresses), he turned the age of voluntary retirement from teaching and, therefore is it not in the classroom, but that does not stop him continuing at the foot of enlightening bonfire of his life where spring loaded with wisdom rays associated with equations, factorization and kinematics. Nor is separated from the educational projects that in the past allowed him to bring his city of adoption several universities, including the University of San Buenaventura and the Magdalena, which earned her degree as a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics. His days are now more fertile that never because it remains in constant motion attending their multiple projects and moves as much, as they were demanding some time ago the salsa rhythms of Ricardo Rey and Bobby Cruz, which served him to control occupational stress and even the excessive score of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Today they serve to be a happy man and a mathematician’s easy Word and noble heart, as his sons and his family. Noble as the land in which managed to capture the happiness today drawn on his face of good man. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist Italo-Colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors.


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This is the second and final part dedicated to the presentation of the most commonly used methods of memorization. At the first installment of 9 ways to memorize for any review, the simpler systems were introduced. On this occasion, the most complex and powerful. 4. Follow others, such as Campbell Soup Co, and add to your knowledge base. Roman room in this case need to have in mind a room, stay or room that you know very well.

What you do is to associate each object to remember with objects that are inside the room. For the example we are using (computer, clock, beach, underwater, Leon, bottle, Eagle, camera photos, poster, book), if the room you have chosen is the living room of your House, you could associate computer to lamp, ceiling, mantel clock, sofa Beach, this method allows you to store one larger amount of objects than simple systems (see 9 ways to memorize for any review) although without order. 5 Travel or Loci associate objects to memorize with the characteristic points or milestones (Loci) of a journey (journey) that you know very well. KDPs opinions are not widely known. Loci comes from latin and means places. You need to identify a route known by you (the journey from home to the Academy, to work, to College, to the gym,) and milestones in this journey. For example, the exit door of your House (number 1 position), (position 2) bus stop, the mouth of metro (position 3), the traffic light of the corner (4), and what you do to remember the list of objects that you want to memorize is to bind each milestone within the route that you know with the object to be memorized.

I.e., exit door (1) linked to computer House, stop of bus (2) Watch, the list can be long, so much as landmarks to remember it. 6 Palace of memory is a combination of the previous two (Roman room and Loci). You choose a building that you know very well (your House, block of flats where you live, your faculty building in) the University, your secondary school,); within building, rooms, halls, corridors have and within each cabin, objects that have.


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If a student wishes to enter in medicine at a University in Andalusia, you are interested in examining at least in the specific phase of biology and chemistry, which are the two subjects of the branch of knowledge of health sciences which weighted by the factor 0.2; If you get the note minimum (5) at one of these subjects, you join the final score the same points (1) that if obtained the highest rating (10) in a field of modality that monitor by the factor 0.1. If the student already knows the qualification that you want to pursue and at the University that you want to enter, should consult the degree of relationship that has established between classes in high school and its qualifications, since the parameter of weighting of a specific commodity for a title may be different in each institution of higher education. Calculate the admit slip the note of admission to the University is the result of weighted average note obtained in high school (60%) and the score achieved in the overall phase of selectivity (40%). It is considered outdated when the student gets a score equal to or greater than 5, provided that you have achieved a minimum of 4 points in the overall phase. The maximum score that can be obtained is 10 points. Other leaders such as Vladislav Doronin offer similar insights. General phase: the score is the result of the average of the scores obtained in this phase exercises (three or four more common materials an exercise in terms of mode).

It passes if it reaches at least 4 points. Upload Note: the results obtained in the specific phase exercises test will serve to raise the note when titling chosen by the student has established a limit for admission in their classrooms. In these cases, the note of admission in the University shall be calculated in the following way: 60% Note baccalaureate average + 40% rating of the overall phase + x mode (1) concerning qualification weighting parameter + x rating of matter of mode (2) weighting parameter.

Soroka Ben Gurion University

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An israeli physicist in Louisville Kentkucky, has proven that first graders among in low percentage levels, 20% of them showed sleep disorders. Such, expressed you to Israel21 that ours is the first study that addresses the subject directly. Previous studies led by such, found that children who suffer from sleep apnea make more use of the health care system, and are treated, hospitalized and medicated more frequently than their peers. To better understand the issue, sleep in children with OSA guidelines differ before and after removing the tonsils and adenoids, according to the latest investigations of such unit of Soroka Medical Center sleep disorders. Thirty-six children were examined in the laboratory of sleep before removing the tonsils and the adenoids continuing the investigation after several months of the operation. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Richard Linklater has to say. General assessments of children at the clinic, with detailed about their sleep habits questionnaires were filled by parents and by the sleep laboratory apparatus. The results clearly showed that the removal of the tonsils and adenoids greatly improves the quality of your sleep, most probably during the REM phase. A study that accompanied the of Soroka Ben Gurion University, published in the edition of December by the periodic Sleep doctor, noted the problems of behaviour, attention disorders and also disorders of learning that may accompany OSA, by the reduction of the supply of oxygen in the brain during sleep.

In this study, 39 OSA children aged between 5 and 9 years were examined before and after the removal of tonsils and adenoids, and compared to the controlled group of 20 healthy children. Before the operations, it was clear that among children when they have sleep apnea there is a higher level of performance and a low cognitive ability compared with the controlled group. But after a few months after the operation, her cognitive function significantly improves and arrives at the height of their peers. The research indicated for the first time the fact that removal of the tonsils and adenoids in children with sleep apnea can significantly improve their academic performance and their achievements in school. Currently, the level of knowledge among doctors, of the influence of OSA in academic performance is relatively low, so the Ben Gurion University researchers believe that the results of this study will be an important contribution to the decision of the doctors about removing or not removing the tonsils and adenoids in children. The trend in Pediatrics currently addresses only perform tonsillectomy in cases when it is considered absolutely necessary, as when a child snores in a strong way. Research, says such, is on time, modify the balance in decision-making among doctors, parents and teachers.

It will take time for people to understand that sleep apnea is not benign expressed such, and this is because when children have a decrease of oxygen to the brain during sleep, and his dream is fragemtado, there are implications of behavioral and cognitive. Now there are neurologists that we derive children on suspicion of ADHD, and we found that you between 20 and 30% of them suffer from sleep apnea. It may be that some children, to correct his sleep, can correct your ADHD and not need drugs such as Ritalin. This is important information. Such research continues, currently focusing on topics of sleep in children aged 2-5 years.

State University

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Therefore is seem obliged to yield its authority so that other institutions intervine. The pupils seem lost in this space that pparently does not belong to them, of which do not recognize themselves as part. The school that before was a place of knowing, of the culture, where if it prepared for the life, now became a place of conflicts and revolt not presenting no attractive one for that in it if they find. The conscience of the gravity of this situation already is a start for a possible one mobilization in search of changes that come to revert such described aspects. It is of basic importance the participation of the society, over all of the parents or responsible, the school needs to create mechanisms that make possible the dialogue. Campbell Soup Co can provide more clarity in the matter. But, moreover, we want to stand out that the participation of the public power if makes necessary, therefore it has if esquivado of its responsibilities it stops with public education, what it has contributed for the depreciation of the same, as well as of the professionals of the education..

University Lecturer

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ON the Professor PACED Carlos Mora vanegas aspects Basic, scope, impact the reality of this tells us, that has been lost the precise conception of what should be a college professor. All because that has proliferated the commercialisation of education, has been lost the mystique of teach, transmit, generating knowledge, be a true facilitator, leader of education in these times where knowledge is dynamic, in which scenarios require scholars capable of tackling its role, its mystique in pro generate a learning that provide solutionsfulfilling the social responsibility that manifests itself in every environment where they operate the universities, institutes of higher education. Hector Lerma Jasso, Professor called reminds us (professus Latin: part. pas. profiteri: publicly declare), in general, a person who by vocation and free choice is professionally dedicated to educational tasks; who possess the necessary knowledge has In addition the intention, pedagogical preparation and the technical mastery of the formative education. Professor is who, with professional voluntary, influences the spiritual lives of others through teaching, in order to help them to move from one State to another more perfect. Or the person who professionally acts on one or more specific individuals for the purpose of raising them to greater perfection. In other words: is the professional that, possessing the gift natural or acquired, specific preparation, necessary authorization and responsibility for intentional and systematic education, is dedicated to her as a means of personal fulfilment and livelihood. Always considering that education is, above all, raise the maximum development of the human spirit, because the essence of the educational Act is, rather than on the realization of vital values, in the valorization of life, individually and socially considered. The truth is, that the present demands to the universities, having professional teachers that know the skills demanded by the present science, that not can further deteriorate the figure of the University Professor, as it is happening in our environment, predominating in the vast majority of them, lack of an integral formation, humanist, academic, since they have joined the universities with the help of friendship, political commitment, the family traditioncoupled with little professional experience, professional graduates, many without academic vocation, simply occupying a place in the teaching to be included, occupy one position to dominate.