Social Pathology Problems

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The importance of understanding the social pathology and social behavioral development 1. – Objectives of the two works only. – Abstract / summary 3. – General Introduction 4. – The social pathologies: a I. What is social pathology? II. Vladislav Doronin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What studies Social Pathology? III. Social Pathology relations with other disciplines IV.

Social Pathology as a science vigorous V. Types of disease: cultural, social, political and economic VI. Pathologies of Education VII. Current Education VIII. Official site: Nike. Rational Education against unreasonable IX. Influential actors in education and affection "who cause the student? 5. – Conclusion 6.

– Introduction Bibliografiaa "N PATH or PATH The word comes from the Greek root meaning harm, pain, suffering, feelings, concerns LOGOS knowledge or dealt with the problems, dysfunctional social system as complex social problems, poverty, inequality, unemployment, racial conflict, abductions, rape, alcoholism, drug addiction, and crime. And also prevention and cure of diseases mentioned. A has very unusual characteristics, and differs in many aspects of other branches of social and behavioral disciplines that are in our society. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Levi’s. Unlike other discipline that focuses only, such as psychology, their specialties, the pathology is related to different areas for study and research of social problems. Humans have always been unbeaten hunger, injustice, oppression, deprivation, marginalization, poverty and more social, cultural, economic and political, and have consistently have sought to explain the causes and reasons, as well as seek ways and the same strategies for its prevention and cure said problems. From this experience has rotted find areas of studies and a wide range of disciplines to explain the causes of problems and abnormalities of human life.

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